Point-and-shoot handling integrates virtual products into physical books, earning at least 5 figures at a time!


Training industry, generally in the form of video and PPT lectures, many customers will feel not worth, feel a sense of unreal, cheap feeling.

How do you make something electronic more valuable?

That is materialization.

In fact, all kinds of data uploaded to the web disk, text content to make e-books. Even but to cater to the crowd

Preference, but also specially made disc burning, flash drive, mobile hard disk, printed paper data… . A few years ago, the stationmaster of a community, he put he wrote N years of all kinds of valuable made into a physical book directly sold to us, although it is also seen but there are still a lot of people pay.

Since childhood, we are taught by our parents to read no

Well, you have to be beaten. Intellectuals often say that there is a golden house in the book and there is a jade face in the book, big ear melon seeds cultural brainwashing, the status of the book is infinitely improved.

So how do you make your own book? No formalities are required for a small publication, no more than 500.

Hundreds of sheets of paper, typed, bound, just

It became a book. It’s not too expensive. Just get it done. How much does it cost? The following is my screenshot quotation in a random treasure:

For example, the most expensive cost: color, one book counts as 200 pages, packing 7


A physical book in color is 87


Cost, including free shipping 100


Cost, the cost of a book

That’s 100


Again, the most expensive. The cheapest black and white cost less than 20


The title of the book is called “XXX side door profiteering money project”, “XXX empty hand white Wolf project”, cover design of fancy, catalog page must burst, all kinds of profiteering project name, sounds very tempting.

Collect the content directly from the Internet and check it yourself to make sure there is no illegal information, the project logic is clear and looks like it.

You said such a book, the whole network does not have, the only one in the world, want to buy people can only buy from you. How much would it cost to sell it? Three times the minimum. Don’t be embarrassed

Think, when the stationmaster in a country community on his that “XXX empty hand white Wolf project” physical book directly 298


, at least sold no less than 500 books, direct profit at least 5W, ordinary people work a year to earn so much.

If you dare to sell at that price, someone will dare to buy.

Someone asked. Books

I got it. Where do I sell it? How do you sell it?

Sold through short video channels, the effect is very sick. No? in


, Kuaishou, watermelon video and other platforms, carrying all kinds of entrepreneurial knowledge videos uploaded to the whole network, quantitative change causes qualitative change, all get their own private traffic. You can’t search for short videos directly on the website

Tutorial study. Look at the more than 800 thousand followers, even if 1% converted to their own private domain traffic, it is money.

We media sales, the effect is also very abnormal. Direct headlines, Quora, etc. write content, no? What about the cobbling together? What about the original? It’s not like you can just search for pictures on the bubble money website

Close writing frequency tutorial study.

The above is a small project brought to you today by the stationmaster, interested can find peers directly copy the homework.

Interested can find webmaster exchange, do not chat.

Point-and-shoot handling integrates virtual products into physical books, earning at least 5 figures at a time!


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