Spell more 0 masturbation project, outside the charge of several hundred project dismantling


Dismantling a small project today, outside charge 500-1000


Not equal.

A small part-time job, relatively simple, some people want to sign up, although it is a bit too much to cut leek, after all, can really earn some money, but today to everyone dismantle, you do not need to spend extra money to sign up.

I. Profit point:

1. Delivery points

Talk about cooperation, share the express commission, although a single is only a few cents, but can not stand a large amount of every day

2. Physical realization: the realization is carried out in various ways such as ground push, stall and so on

3. The advantage of this project is that you can have unlimited masturbation without IP and other problems. You only need a device that can be connected to the Internet

Ii. Process analysis:

Only one pdd number is needed (the more the better)

And then search for categories less than or equal to 1


In fact, there are even cheaper, online merchants to ask “Do you get cash back on good reviews?”

Merchants reply to cash back, back to 1 immediately place an order, and then the real order can be

Received goods, praise 10 words ➕ figure can be

Get the corresponding red envelope reward 】 is generally 1-2


A red envelope

Pictures directly from the business inside to save a few pieces.

The picture in the back is a shop that I randomly find for you at present. You can see that data cable 1 is washed


And you can get another 2 back


That’s equivalent to getting 1 for every penny you don’t spend




The difficulty of a small project is to find a store where you can get cash back, which is also the point at which the project charges.

Most of the fees charged by others are to provide you with the links of some shops that you have found by yourself or in the group together, and then you can place an order. But this can be done by yourself, and I think it can be done directly

To find businesses, you can more than one store, businesses in order to brush their own shop sales probability will not refuse.

Three, how to improve the single quantity?

According to the Pinduoduo data algorithm in my Order to be Received, it will push you products similar to the products you recently bought.

You see, I just asked for the data cable. Now give me a push

Yes, so it leads to a snowball effect, and these lists get easier and easier to find.

Our troublesome operation is to ask how much cash back is, but this is also easy to solve, so the whole project process is very simple, more suitable for people who do not have a project, do not want to bother to promote the wool.

Four, two times

Cash out and improve earnings

For the follow-up commodities, we can also conduct secondary sales by setting up stalls or hanging Second hand goods trading platform, so that we can earn more income.

This small project is more suitable for the wool party, or don’t want to do promotion, just want to do some bricks to play, because it is very simple, the whole process is not any

The difficulty.

Spell more 0 masturbation project, outside the charge of several hundred project dismantling


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