Zero threshold online sideline, group traffic money project


Before, I wrote a zero-threshold project about how to make money for students or part-time fans. From the acquisition of traffic to the assignment of tasks, these fans of the sideline wool attribute, it is very easy to make money from the flow fission if the operation is good.

Do the fans of each type of attribute, we should be targeted to do cash channels, like double

Job fans need some small coolie tasks, so the project we talk about today is also related to this, to dig deep demand of part-time market.

Whether we can make money in an industry depends on whether the industry is big or not and whether the traffic is large or not. For example, the traffic that we talked about today is very large


We may divert users of these attributes in the early stage, and then make money by distributing part-time tasks. This is a very stable way, and it is OK to balance the task distribution and receiving single powder.

Today we will focus on the operation of QQ group to talk about this kind of part-time attribute task group and how to do it, of course

This will involve the acquisition of early fans, from the online and offline links.


We all know that the fastest flow is fission, but fission needs a certain initial flow, like a treasure brush before, as long as there is a task, such brush is very many, ten, ten with a hundred.

To get the initial powder

Silk, we should take into account the positioning of the initial fans, like treasure mother, college students, these are relatively high-quality powder, and these treasure mother we have a certain difficulty in drainage, college students powder is also the easiest to do.

Online we go to a variety of universities, or university forums to publish part-time information, some accurate universities themselves

Students have a part-time group, to QQ group a search can find a bunch.

We can also directly add friends to other college students’ part-time job groups, and directly intercept this part of the part-time fans, so that there is a group of traffic can exchange resources with other part-time groups.

In addition, if the main online traffic, it is necessary to add a few more

Job groups, there’s going to be a group of people that don’t have a job to do, and there’s going to be a high chance that we’re going to cut them off.


Like such a part-time task group, the general number of people are relatively large, then we must find a task for everyone to do, a single let them earn a piece of 80 cents on the line, after all, part-time

That’s what the mission is going for.

So let me give you a couple of ideas.

For example, you can go to some task publishing platforms, batch to receive the task, and then publish in your own group, so that after others do a single order, you can ask for his commission, the general part-time task group only rely on this to make money.

Like some need to be promoted

Pull people’s project, we often go to a lot of task platform recharge and release tasks, so that we have a customer channel, directly in to find these recharge and release task account, private chat and then provide similar services.

Here we need to have enough channels, a lot of early APP welfare promotion, these are wool

, some crowdsourced tasks, these can be put into the group, as long as there are enough small tasks, these part-time group stickiness is relatively high.


This project can be completely scaled up. If a QQ group has 2,000 people, ten groups will be 20,000 people. If you add more groups like this, you will see new people

Plus, pull people out of your own crowd every day.

At present, there are a lot of online groups to sell each school, which is actually a very good resource bubble net income, because the consumption power of the student group is generally not very high, but most of the lack of money, used to do this small task is the best.

If there’s more people behind us, it’s better

It is a matching number and website to do together, to do a site, so that a part of the traffic is completely mastered on their own website, not easy to be turned off by others.

Just like when you start out, you go into the crowd to stop the flow, the project is actually very simple, as long as you do it, you can make money, but

We also want to make sure we don’t lose our fans.

The most difficult part of this project is the acquisition of fans in the early stage. Doing fission is actually you help me share, I give you a part-time task, and then ask me for settlement. This kind of easy to do, seed users are not easy to obtain.

The most important thing to do is to throw out the bait, and this bait

Is your part-time task, as long as the early can find some high-quality part-time tasks, such as registration class, trial class can be sent to them to do it.

When knocking on others’ QQ group, you can directly change your name to the main group (important announcement), and then brush the screen in the group “this group is about to dissolve

In order for you to be able to do normal and stable part-time tasks bubble net income, please speed to add my QQ private chat into the new group, the new group daily update massive high-paying tasks.”

That’s busy enough, but it’s a last-minute way of adding Q’s to a group before you’re about to be kicked out

Q group friends, may inadvertently add to the group host’s trumpet, this will be kicked.

Therefore, when we are doing this project in the early stage, the most important thing is to solve the flow problem, and the fission in the later stage is not a problem. As long as your flow is enough, there will be many people to cooperate with you on the task.

Zero threshold online sideline, group traffic money project


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