[Practical operation] Rely on Google’s small project – Google Nuggets, no brain monthly income 3000 , need to execute in place



I believe that in the search engine, Google is basically the most used by everyone. I remember that there are many buzzwords on the network:

Foreign affairs ask Google, internal affairs ask Google!

If you need anything, please contact Google (Google)

Today, let’s talk about the use of Google official platform to earn some living expenses ——

Google Nuggets


What is Google

The Nuggets?

Let’s directly open the browser search: Google nuggets

Nuggets is Google for e-commerce customers tailored to create a way of commercial promotion, forget it, we do not care about his causes and consequences (want to know what is this platform, their Google), we want to understand one, know he can bring us profits

All right.


What do you need to prepare?

Let’s start with what we need to prepare for this project. It’s very simple

1. Computer, keyboard, etc. (This is not a mobile job, so you need a computer)

2. Google account. (with Google web disk account login line) because the project is relatively simple, so the lack of preparation is not complicated


Specific operation method

1, browser search: Google nuggets

2, enter and log in after good is such an interface

3. Because I’m a Level 1 civilian, there aren’t many missions I can unlock. As the level increases, more missions can be unlocked

4, there are a variety of tasks, respectively: name extraction

, graphic judgment, set telephone, sign labeling judgment

5, a little let a person speechless is that the task seems to have a certain amount every day, like today, the task has been let to get finished

6. Continuing with the real thing, here’s the picture for the task

7. Click to claim the task and answer the question

8, and then enter the phase as required

Should be the question on the line, before doing so read the answer guide and so on, learn more about the platform rules

9. You can see from the above picture that the unit price of name extraction is 0.03, but there are 20 questions in a task package. Last night, a task package was 60 cents

In the input box

10, finish a task package is basically a few minutes, typing fast friends one minute is finished (not busy boast, busy with one minute), equivalent to 60 cents a minute

11. Let’s look at the collection phone

12, also the same operation, locate the set phone click claim task

And answer the questions

13, Google to the business phone in the picture to find out the input to the right phone bar inside the success, is the same 20 entitled a task package.

14, others on their own to find the clam, and one is to pull the head together

If you want to earn more, recruit some part-time friends

Let’s do it

Feelings of personal test

For this project, the price is relatively low, but if the execution is sufficient, there is no problem to earn three thousand or five thousand a month.

When the operation, try to choose set phone, although the price is relatively low, but the input of the number is much faster than the input of Chinese characters, generally one point

The clock is only one task package away

, so make your choice! The main thing is not to think, just look at the map input on the line

Well not wordy, you see if you think it is good to seize the time! After all, time is money!

[Practical operation] Rely on Google’s small project – Google Nuggets, no brain monthly income 3000 , need to execute in place


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