This simple short video money project, novice easily into tens of thousands of pieces a month, decompression video to understand!


Profitable side projects are based on a certain market extension, there is no project without market demand, just like the short video platform why popular, why bring goods to make money, Byte recently gave the answer, now is the era of interest e-commerce.

That short video is so popular, anything that’s relevant can profit from it, and

And there are a lot of areas for short videos, so we just have to be perpendicular to an inverse.

Because we all know that the threshold for short video content is still quite high, and now the quality content is already in the team operation, today I will tell you about this area,

A novice

You can get off to a fast start.

This area is stress reduction video, actually I’ll talk about it

Everyone knows more or less about this kind of video, and there are many on the platform, it seems to be available at any time, but it is difficult to attract everyone’s attention.

So this industry is still relatively easy to do, and for novices, the most difficult to continue to output quality content this piece, can not be easily solved


I’m going to give you a brief overview of this project, so that you know it’s exactly like a video clip.

Decompression video, currently on the market known types of decompression video is also very much, such as tire rolling fruit, hand pressing, jelly balloon, jack pressing things, even that kind of tattered blender is a kind of

It’s a fashionable stress reliever. Sometimes I want to take a second look at these videos when I watch them.

Then we know so much about stress reduction behavior, choose a kind of you like can start to build our stress reduction number, if you have the energy, do matrix operation, several numbers of different stress reduction

Behavior is okay.

First of all, we should know that all stress reduction videos highlight destruction. Only by destroying an object to the extreme can people feel comfortable, that is, destruction. This kind of stress reduction video is actually the art of destruction.

If we make some pocket money with the way we play now, no questions asked

Yeah, but if you want to make more money, you have to do something special.

Around the decompression, what are the special, in a certain hand the first few Internet celebrities by what red up, you still know, is to rent a Mercedes-Benz Land Rover, and then smash the car, won millions of fans by smashing the car.

People don’t really think these influencers are

Go for it, they rent the Land Rover, replace the front hood with a bad one, and then hit the front hood every time in the video to stop the car, which saves money and can be used over and over again.

Digress, digress, but from here it can be seen that those Internet celebrities are also from the decompression video this road one

Road to now, but we now more suitable for the ordinary class of operation, but the market, this will not be detailed.

Let me show you how to do a stress reduction video.

Material arrangement

It’s not recommended for such a simple short video, but if you have the energy to handle tiktok

If so, it can be carried, and there are tons of similar videos on various platforms.

So if we do it ourselves, one of the biggest problems is the cost. Decompression is to destroy things, to destroy the good things, you can try some small cost videos, such as knife cutting soap, holding styrofoam and so on

Video, small investment, but the effect.

And then there are the kinds of videos that are computer-generated, like snake, which keeps eating snakes, keeps getting bigger, or Tetris, which keeps disappearing, and if it does, it has a decompression sound.


Some essential tools are needed, such as a camera hand

For a mobile phone, there is nothing to recommend. I think it is all right. For a video recording device, if you want a better one, you can try the SONY Card 7 RODE with the wireless microphone.

If we were to move the video to YouTube or t

On iktok, it’s best to choose a Google phone or an Apple phone.

For props, it is suggested to find some beverage or trading companies directly. Why? Because they have a lot of products that are about to expire and are eager to sell them, and the prices are generally very cheap.

If you really don’t know where to go

To find props, we can go to the local shop for goods. The things in these shops are generally about to expire. We can talk about wholesale directly, so that the cost of getting goods is small.

Video distribution

At this point, I believe we have made our own stress reduction video, why don’t I recommend it to you

Handling, the first such video a lot, there is no need to carry, if the platform judged handling plagiarism, more than worth the loss.

In addition, the original video can be uploaded to all the video platforms of the whole network, including overseas, with only one IP.

There is one of the biggest benefits of sending this stress relief video across the entire web

It’s highly recognizable, and every video platform has this kind of creator rewards for original videos, which is a revenue in itself.

In addition, this kind of short video can also add some small program links, promoting the platform’s own games or small programs can make money.

Stress videos will only become more necessary as the pace of urban life accelerates

Not only these decompression videos, if you want to quickly accumulate a lot of popularity in a short time, or have a little different props, of course, the direction is still decompression.

This simple short video money project, novice easily into tens of thousands of pieces a month, decompression video to understand!


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