Short video in the cold money project! It’s all about humanity


In the past two days, when I opened my moments, many contents were about starting work, going to work, and looking for a job. This year was quite dull, and it passed in a blink of an eye. Many people around me did not go home for the New Year because of the epidemic.

The project I’m going to share with you today is a real case that I worked on myself

Column, and hopefully this column will give you some ideas, this project is to pass


Kuaishou promotes big data query.

Here are some of the numbers promoted

Operation case list video

The use of software to make wechat chat dialogue, copywriting content is generally compared to dog blood, male and female friends break up, because there is no money can not get married, and so on

Using this content to strike a chord, this kind of copy in


The top is easier to fire.

Published by


The video can’t have any ads, the promoted ads are placed on top of the video, and the comments section directs the user to the following content.

The advertising content is to join the public number advertising according to the wechat dialogue and chat, and operate this project

It’s not difficult, for people who know how to watch it once, the hardest part is to make the video popular, and to keep Posting the video.

This one above is


Operation case, we can also operate fast hand

Social networking Sites

Multi-platform operation, using the same way.

Here is a video of Kuaishou’s case

I borrowed the flowers from Alipay

Material to make a video, the same through the comments to guide the top video view advertising.

Procedure of operation

The first step to prepare a public number, how to register can go to see Google

Step 2 Get the phone and


If Kuaishou has resources, get them ready

Step three: Focus on your peers

Step 4 Download a scroll wizard

It is used to generate chat conversations

The final Conclusion

The main process of this project is to connect with the big data query platform, register the public account, and then pass


Kuaishou crazy release video drainage, finally automatic transaction to make money.

Short video in the cold money project! It’s all about humanity


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