Put a lot of praise to move brick small project, do a good job is also a stable small project


The small project I want to share today is also being pushed by people in the past two days, because each one is hundreds or even thousands of them!

Maybe some friends. When it comes to Pinduoduo, I think of freight insurance and so on. Wrong, wrong, I am not talking about freight insurance today, what I share today is

Put a lot of praise cash back

Something similar to last year’s

Amoy gift money, but not completely Amoy gift money, you can also understand to spell more version Amoy gift money, but today said this theory can be done all the time! Suitable for all walks of life, all ages of friends operation

Freight insurance is what play I will not be wordy here, to understand yourself. And then the gift money

. To get to the topic, here it is:

I. Project Advantages:

1. Do not need drainage, do not hurt contacts, do not need too many words, etc

2. No brainless, foolproof brick moving, brainless operation, can shop and copy and paste

3. Low cost, can copy operation

Ii. Profit point:

1. Cost, the purchase of things can be sold directly

Earn the price difference (negotiate express warehouse recycling to earn the price difference)

2. Cash rebate. After confirming receipt of goods, you can get cash rebate

3. Extendable (Add a final mouthful here)

Three, the operation process

1. Download the Pinduoduo app on your mobile phone, and then log in. You can log in directly with your wechat or mobile phone number, which is formal and legal.

2. Find some low-priced products. About 0.5-0.7, low most no cash back, and then directly consult the store, ask whether the praise is cash back

3. If the merchant replies yes, place an order directly. If not, change to another store, usually at 1-2


About the cash back, find their own consultation

4. If you have a delivery warehouse

Such as local recycling, directly fill in the delivery warehouse and other places of the delivery address can be (here need to explain, if you really want to operate, first find the express warehouse. Because those things are basically useless if you want to come, the recycling price of express warehouse is generally around 0.65)

5. A number a day 200 orders, generally one

The profit of single cashback recovery is about 1-1.6. In this case, the profit is converted by itself (you can open several numbers to operate, but it is recommended that the interval of the same number be more than 2-3 days. Avoid merchants to send the same package, after all, the express warehouse is charged according to the package)

6. Feedback to us after receiving the goods from the express warehouse. we

Look for a few pictures uploaded by users in the comments section of the merchant and then look for the merchant to give cash back

The rest is a daily repetition! Today’s little project is a bit easy, so the article is rough. The clams by themselves.

Then there is the magnification mentioned in my article, which has been developed by the olfactory bigwigs

Pieces, can realize software hang-up order, express warehouse can also provide, is required to charge. The cost is not low. They all started in the hundreds, and some went up to 2,000


I have consulted several big names and the price is between 600 and 3000


No, I don’t want to pay. Is it worth doing? Do what you can!

And finally today

I talked to my friends and brothers about it. The first reaction is to recycle goods and do a blind box project, that is, recycle all the goods by themselves and then repackage them. Open blind box shops in Pinduoduo and other places.

Put a lot of praise to move brick small project, do a good job is also a stable small project


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