The no-threshold TikTok money-making project, suitable for beginners, could generate thousands of dollars in revenue


The first thing you do every day when you open your eyes is to touch your mobile phone, look at wechat and open it


Brush for a while, and then get up, have breakfast, go to work, brush short video has become our life can not be less entertainment items, and then most of us, just stay on the watch, no real in-depth experience, even

To monetizing short videos. And that’s what I want to share with you today


Make money small project, this project is very suitable for beginners to operate, because there is no requirement for the number of fans of the account, even if the world you just do the new number, also can completely operate this money making project. This for many want to do a side business office workers, no

Doubt is a very good opportunity. Do up can crush office workers, white-collar workers, do not say over ten thousand a month, a month into thousands of hope!

The following is to share with you the practical operation steps:

To prepare



Before we get started, let’s talk to us


Check the account to see if it is used normally. How do you detect your tremors

Whether the tone is normal. (Note one machine one card one)

How to Detect


Is the account normal?

Guarantee your own first


No. : One machine, one card

And then enter


Home — Click on my — Click on the top right bar — Click on Creator Service, scroll down to the bottom, and click on Account Status Check

Test, click after you can detect whether your account is normal.

Find the mission entrance

Open the


Search for “Plan to make money by photographing cars” and you will see a small card. Click on it and you will enter the activity introduction interface;

Start selecting Tasks

In the activity interface, click on the participation plan, go to the background of the car shooting plan and click

Choose the model, there will be daily tasks, these can be done, different tasks will be awarded according to the effect. Reward high and low mainly according to the user click video, broadcast rate, like, comment forwarding and other bubble network to earn a kind of data index to calculate, the operation method is the corresponding model release


Short video,

Choose the car model you need to post the video. There are many types of car models at present. Basically, each brand of car has one model that can participate in the task.

1. Model selection: Be sure to choose models with relatively high revenue

2. Release path: Click the uploaded video in the task to start making money, so as to release the work

There will be benefits.

3. Related requirements: When releasing videos, we must add relevant keywords and small program entrance, which is the requirement of the activity. Before releasing works, we should carefully check the rules of the activity


The profit of.

How to find the material?

In the process of operation, you will encounter a lot of problems, the biggest problem is that there is no car, there is no way to shoot relevant material, how to solve this problem?

1, through other short video platforms, such as Kuaishou, Tencent, iQiyi, B station and other platforms to find the corresponding HD appropriate content

Material, through PR, silhouette and other editing software, to modify the mixed cut, the video time should be set at least 3.0 seconds.

2, to a treasure, a fish, a lot of direct buy material, a few pieces, a dozen pieces, several G material package for you to choose and use.

How do I do the video?

1. Video ratio: View imported through silhouette

For video footage, make sure you set the ratio to 9:16. Do this correctly. This is the official video ratio.

2. Add background: Add an appropriate matching background to our footage and video, and adjust it appropriately according to the selection.

3. Add text: Add the advantages of the model you choose, text shape

To guide the user to click on the link, highlight the advantages, and user concerns: such as: how cheap the price, how nice the appearance, how spacious the space, suitable for the use of scenarios and so on.

4, add music: music to choose the latest hot music, and our car scene to have a matching degree, you can brush the usual shake

You can add your favorite music to your video when you cut and edit.

After the above steps, is you basically produced, the difficulty is not big, the video clip requirements are not so high, the silhouette is fully competent for this video production, more suitable for beginners

A novice

To operate. About the right

The video style and the writing and presentation of copywriting can learn from and copy the works of peers. The peers must be high-quality peers who do well, have high playback volume and good average quality of works. They must learn from those who have results and release a large number of works after skillful operation. Matrix operation, which is just a few more numbers

, the style of each number is different, to ensure the quality of the premise, improve the quantity of production, to ensure the best work day. Not only can they get official revenue rewards, but after creating successful cases, they can be packaged as projects and receive apprentices to guide them to operate together to make money. This is another part of the revenue, which is much higher than that

Do video is much higher, which is why selling water is always more than mining to earn the truth, we look at the network now, are selling projects, accept apprentices, is this reason.

Good project execution = success

The project seems very simple, the process involves


Video editing, content operation, copy editing

And many other operations,

We need to do in the process, constantly explore research, growth and progress of necessary skills. It’s gonna be rough at first, but you gotta get better. No one can casually succeed, we must do projects, make money at the same time, hone their core skills, so that the next wind will come

When you have the ability to grasp and cope.

The no-threshold TikTok money-making project, suitable for beginners, could generate thousands of dollars in revenue


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