Monthly into the YouTube network money project analysis!


Many partners want to create personal ip through the YouTube, to cash in.

But I don’t want to go abroad, and I don’t know how to make videos, let alone how to cash out. Today, I want to share a direction with my friends

YouTube positioning video production cash problem.

As shown below:

That’s the type

Hand-drawn YouTube


Drawing with real hands or pens, with moving words, pictures, sounds or animations to show what we want to express.

Hand-drawn videos in


On itself is quite popular, the following several hand-drawn video accounts have achieved remarkable achievements, many people have successfully attracted hundreds of thousands of fans with hand-drawn videos,

Some even have more than two million followers

As shown below:

This type of video is still applicable on today’s YouTube.

Because this type of video text and picture two aspects of the combination, it will let people have a sense of story. Feel the work is very professional, very creative, without hesitation to collect and reprint.

Let’s do

This type of video is also easy to learn, technology is scarce, extremely low cost advantages.

To make it, you only need to use the software to directly transform the pictures into hand-painted effect. At the same time, it takes one to two days to understand and be skilled in hand-painted video software.

And few people have mastered hand-drawn video technology

Few, very little competitiveness, can be described as a blue ocean market.

How do you make it?

Here we need a piece of software:

Master of the Colorful Hand shadow

, it is suitable for the production of various scenes of short video, the software built-in a large number of human finger gesture animation, a large number of materials

You can download it at http://www.animi

After downloading: It only takes 4 steps to complete the video

1. Add material and input text

2. Add action animations

3. Add dubbing and subtitles

4, output, support mp4.gif format output

Just start to explore the software needs a little time, have a problem can see the tutorial, teach

Cheng can not do in the official website contact customer service consultation

More groping can learn, of course, good software is paid, if you don’t want to buy members, you can go to a treasure, Second hand goods trading platform rent to use, more cost-effective.

In addition, hand-drawn YouTubes need content, which can be directly marked


Like the high content, these

The content is verified by the market, by the majority of people like, so get the YouTube can also apply.

What kind of hand-drawn videos can you make?

First of all, it is recommended to choose the industry you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in emotion and career, you can do this type of video. In addition, you can also do etiquette training

Training, historical stories, sports knowledge, children’s education, emotional intelligence improvement, chicken soup for the soul, philosophy, psychology, sociology, funny jokes, etc.

How to monetize YouTubes?

There are many ways to monetize the YouTube.

1, YouTube advertising cash

At present, the YouTube of a main link entry for the public number, turn

Looking at these accounts, you can see many external chain advertisements, covering financial management, books, education, emotional counseling, health and tonic, novels and other types, most of which are traditional public number advertisements.

2. Cash with goods

Add the product purchase link below the YouTube, you can bring goods to Jingdong, Pinduoduo products, to get commission.

Like video

Here’s how the rice girl cashed out

YouTube wechat small shop

Retail scheme (below)

Clicking on the link below her video will take you to her products, which are placed in the small wechat store.

Wechat small shop is a small program team to provide a new ability, without development, free store, help business

Home quickly generate small procedures to sell goods.

Need to open a shop of partners, directly to the website:

Scan code shop, you can add their own goods, their own management orders.

3. Cash out of public accounts

Can direct fans to the public number, through tipping and flow

Master cash out.

4. Video teaching and training cash in

5. Sell the number for cash

The above is the project to share with your friends today, I hope it can be helpful to you!

Monthly into the YouTube network money project analysis!


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