There is really no money making project can try to make money in the subculture subdivision field, do a good job of semi-automatic income


Often there will be fans to ask me that stationmaster can you recommend a money-making project let me operate ah? Usually when I meet this kind of fan, I ask you what are you most interested in? They all say my interest is to make money, and that’s not a bad answer. It’s like asking the goddess out to dinner, and the goddess asks why

I eat? You say you want to do sports with you, which is the same, very mindless, right?

What is making money? Making money is fulfilling a need and finding opportunities to monetize it. A lot of people don’t understand the meaning of these two words. They only say what they want, not what they want

Human needs. Want to make money is their own needs, teach to make money is to meet the needs of others.

Like myself, I teach people how to make money, right? So making money is the process of finding a need, fulfilling it and monetizing it. So what’s the fastest way to make money? It’s to target a niche, vertical

Hit a point with a straight hang.

Long-winded so much today to tell you about the subculture subdivision field to make money, before I also have a similar article introduced a specific subculture field, you can go to see the article records.

What are the subcultural segments? For example, travel is the dominant culture, so hiking

Group travel is a subculture. Look at that


Those who live broadcast walking in Tibet will know how much money they can earn in rewards every day.

Pop music is the mainstream culture, so hip-hop and folk are subcultures.

You wear shoes is the mainstream culture, you collect shoes, custom shoes is a subculture.

And there are many more to go on

Home to discover.

Compared to mainstream culture, niche culture has the advantage of having its own traffic, high stickiness, trust, and willingness to pay.

Just because the population base of our country is too large, so there are not a lot of people in the subculture, that is to say, each subculture circle is a waiting to be opened

A gold mine.

If you don’t have a long-term and stable project, you can choose a subculture according to your own interests. First, choose from the category of bubble online earning. If the category fails, continue to subdivide until you find a leader that you can create a sense of presence and has a certain market demand

The domain.

Then the product builds the channel, promotes the drainage, promotes the popular transaction. What are the common subcultural areas?

I know that there is a super subculture of sound called intracranial orgasm, which refers to the stimulation that the human body perceives through audio-visual tactile sensations on the scalp, back, or other parts of the brain

A unique sensation of pleasure. Have your low sound ear burn intracranial orgasm, you can go to station B to listen.

There are a lot of people who sell this kind of audiovisual equipment. To put it bluntly, it is similar to online celebrity live streaming, but the difference is that the online celebrity live streaming is dancing, showing off their talent, and the audiovisual language shows off their voice, producing a nice sound.

It creates this dependency.

So what’s the use of all this noise? First of all, it can be used to indicate, second, it can be used to listen to when we rest and relax, and third, it is to make some people reach orgasm through sound, which is a bit of a red line, the country does not allow. What about this


How big is the market? You go to

Google index search, you will know that basically has been more than 800, but because of the cold, so say the competition is weak, like a small blue ocean project.

So how do you do it? First of all, you name a star to help fans sleep a good night’s sleep, to collect this aspect of resources, casually find some PK

Video footage sent


On some platforms, such as Kuaishou b, individuals are attracted by their signatures or comments.

Second, collect and organize the formal audio and video resources, according to different styles with different types and other forms, respectively organize on the website or public number.

Third, sell the entire package of resources,

If you cooperate with the card issuing platform can realize automatic delivery, basically it is a half lie earn type of project, easily into 100



About the subculture segment of the field of making money just said roughly, this is a big market can write a book, there are too many, in the future will have the opportunity to write other fields.

There is really no money making project can try to make money in the subculture subdivision field, do a good job of semi-automatic income


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