Social security payment, monthly contribution of 600,000 Blue Ocean project


After years of starting a business, I used to remit a sum of money before the 27th every month.

This money is used to deduct the monthly social security, which works out to about $1.2 a year.

These days, the omnipotent Amazon let me understand, the original this is a good hidden project.

Social security payment of this word, simply in the whole Internet search demand


The first part: the demand analysis of social security agent payment project

A real market project, peers will open bidding through the website.

Social security to pay the profit model, is to earn poor information, masturbating is a lot of do not know the wage family.

Any money to promote the station, are in the back contains [advertising] 2 words.

Raise by bid

The ranking, the monopoly in the top three basic traffic are locked inside these stations.

Especially in the third station, the trick includes 50


Gift bag, unsuccessful support refund.

Look again Google drop down contain what demand?

To the platform, organization, company, as prospective customers search intent.

At the same time, the region to the north, Los Angeles and NewYork demand

Super large.

It is unlikely to be visible through Google, depending on the data on Amazon.

In order to supplement the above point of view, actually go to Amazon search to know whether the answer is correct.

Indeed, they are all within the search scope of Washington, Los Angeles and NewYork, including some users in Hangzhou, Chengdu and other places.

Moreover, the charging standard is not uniform for each company.

Part Two: Community

The proportion of commission paid on behalf of the guarantee

It seems that the social security expense is almost the same, but it is definitely a big amount of money according to the total order.

For “Shenzhen Social Security”, I also understand the normal fee table.

With Amazon to find the “social security payment” business offer, completely different.

This article is from March 3rd of this year, some industry insiders

A detailed chart of real social security contributions promoted.

Non-deep household first gear social security: 1021.996



Non-deep household second file social security: 647.228



Non-deep household three file social security: 620.613



The above three figures give a rough analysis. The higher the proportion of social security, the higher the cost.

Of course, as a project person, the above few charts as a reference fee.

Look at Amazon “social security payment” business is how to charge?

This is a Wangwang chat record between me and the customer service of a company, who sent me the insurance payment standard of September.

In contrast to the above non-deep door first class, they charge 1099


(including 5


And then there’s the information gap.

Combine the above three tables to compare the profit, calculate to know how much money a single can draw.

Non-deep household first gear: 1099-1021.996=77


Non-deep household second gear: 690-647.228=42.772


Non-deep household third grade: 661

– 620.613 = 40.387


Off the record, you have a pretty good idea of how much you can make on a deal.

Let’s take a look at some of the best sellers.

The first one sells 1.5W a month. Do you know what the concept is?

According to the lowest three charges, a single profit of 40



It’s not nothing. It’s scary


In this store in Shenzhen, the order profit of this baby remains at 60W per month.

The second will not say, anyway, two words, profiteering.

It’s all on my mind, but this project is just for you.

Although there are many projects, it is enough to do one or two.

Don’t try to do everything. Do you have the stamina?

As to how

Do not cash out, it is recommended to check the charge standard on zfb.

To butt the relevant reliable channels, it is best to go down the line to investigate more reliable.

In conclusion:

Don’t give money to anyone until you know it.

Avoid getting cut and hurt feelings.

If there is no channel for social security payment, you can also imitate the peer baby information

Shelf Second hand goods trading platform, around, Amazon.

Mind you, don’t be silly and promote it under the banner of a peer.

It’s going to end badly, with a series of whistleblowers that get you banned and shut down until you cry.

Idea is to change the brand, shelf baby set the same price as peers.

Just the final transaction, the price is changed, and there is still 10% profit after docking

In order to.

Brainless operation matrix store group, with social security to pay for the project money, after all, an alternative cash play.

Social security payment, monthly contribution of 600,000   Blue Ocean project


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