A simple moving project can net you $200 a day in 4 steps


For those of you who regularly watch short videos,


It has been very popular in recent years, but now the development has reached the bottleneck stage, and there are all kinds of categories on the platform. It is very difficult for us to start the platform and realize the cash.

A few days ago, a news, directly let a lot of people’s film and television clips wake up, the reason why they will intervene

It is because low-quality content is particularly easy to do, and you can make a lot of money by carrying it.

One of my realistic friends is a video editing and receiving boy. He has made nearly three million dollars in two years. The company he just expanded last year is going to cool down this year

What about one direction?

1. Case account

I’m going to show you a couple of examples here, so let’s take a look

This kind of video, I think you’ve seen a lot on short videos, taking the original text and picture video, combining text and video, and presenting it to the audience, it’s a very clever direction, and it’s a very clever direction

Easy to call.

A lot of people want to do it


, do not know how to start, do handling three or two days of violations, it might as well try my example above this project, although the same is handling, but in the direction is not the same.

The reason why short video is suitable for long-term development is that it is stable and profitable for a long time. As long as it is successful, it will be followed

It’s easy to fill in the content, and I’m sure you’ll have a clear goal and direction when it comes to short video operations after watching this tutorial.

Ok, so having given you a few examples, let’s look at the process and techniques for this project.

2. Preparation

To make a video like this, I

We first have to learn to use some tools, such as the film, this


Its own editing software, if you do not know or not familiar with, ask me for a full set of video clips, learn about it.

In addition, there are chat record making software, this software we can go to a treasure to buy cracked version

, the operation is very simple, enter the interface like wechat self-help chat.

The next step is the selection of material, material is very important for us to make this kind of video, repetitive, outdated people will not look too much novelty.

Here I recommend 3 useful platforms, the right, the shrimp,

We mainly use these three platforms, there are a lot of excellent jokes for us to choose.

We focus on looking for content is funny, connotation, God reply, comments and so on, video and graphics can be found, like Quora can also find some similar content, so the material content of this piece is not too need to worry

Of the heart.

3. Production and release

So I’m going to show you how to do this, and we’re going to download a video of this, in the Encyclopedia of Embarrassments.

We found a video, we need to download it from this APP first, so we click Share, copy the link address of this video, and then go back to wechat to find it

To the watermarking small program, happy shake toolbox, this later if you want to batch operation, you can also go to a treasure above to buy a solid Joe short video assistant.

After removing the watermark, we download this footage video, and then import it into the cutting screen to make the clip. Here we first need to redo the original video line.

Because you move things may be moving others, we can only do the original by redoing.

Remove the sound, set the cover, mirror if you can, crop slightly, adjust the video scale, adjust the filter, adjust the color, enlarge the frame, add the picture within the picture, and do a series of such de-processing.


We find a god comment, into the editing of the circle of friends software, here I use the editing software is small circle, a lot of online crack version, and then add a profile picture and so on, and then imitate the circle of friends, the screenshot import.

After importing the screenshot to the cut, we will use the way of picture in picture, the original download without water

Print the video on it, and cover the content of moments separately. In this way, we get such a video sent to moments.

This software inside the function is very comprehensive, you can go to study, finally we directly released to


On, add video keywords, such as funny, cover default

“, just publish it directly.

This is how we do this kind of original explosive video operation steps, ideas and methods are like this, the difference is that you are looking for the degree of funny material quality.

4. Cash out link

The first common way to cash out is to take people in. We see a lot of accounts with names after them

There is a (receiving), including film and television clips also have a lot of right, this is to teach you how to do this kind of short video, the general price of this kind of receiving are in 199, 299 this.

In addition, small program is also a way to cash in, a short video with a small program template, let the user click in

Follow up with the same style or some other ads, as long as you click in, the account owner will have profits.

In addition, there are some expansion revenue, such as receiving some game promotion ads, merchants’ soft wide and so on. If you do not know these skills and operation methods, such as the above mentioned enrollment, then directly add peer friends

To consult, to use his language skills.

In fact, we do this kind of video, not only say funny, like emotion, book list, music number can be, but we change it into the friend circle or dialogue way to do, the content is very good.

A simple moving project can net you $200 a day in 4 steps


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