New profiteering project, more than 20 days to earn 1.59 million later to achieve lying income


Found a good project today, this project is a new project new wind mouth. Possibly due to the impact of the epidemic on the tourism industry, Ctrip opened the commission promotion plan. This is similar to the current take-out CPS, low price movie tickets, Taoker, etc. Now booking hotels, air tickets, scenic spot tickets and so on also appear commission promotion


The following details to share the Ctrip alliance complete gameplay:

1. Hotel, ticket and other commission distribution

As we can see from the picture below, Ctrip can get 4% commission for the hotel promotion. For domestic activities, the minimum commission is 2%, which is required for all activities such as daily business trips to different places in China

Set a hotel, and the price of the hotel is not cheap, a day can push 10 8, the income is still very considerable. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are more commission can get 5%

General profit is higher booking hotel, booking tickets. Hotel a single at least dozens of pieces, more than a hundred pieces. And like Guilin, Xiamen surrounding wine

Shop, a single commission is 100 .

2, air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets commission

Air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets and so on are the high-frequency products of travel, we can see that the ticket commission of 1% starting, even if a ticket 1000


If you promote it, you get 10


. Train tickets are also about 1%, according to the average

According to 500


One. That’s 5


A single profit. As we all know, as long as you go out, you have to come back, so most of the commission will double.

If you want to travel independently, you can pay for your own services, including the services in the above picture, and you can enjoy the corresponding discount. Also buy tickets. You can get extra commission for ordering here. fine

The heart of people, every place to travel, will do a travel guideline. Once you learn to share it with others, this income multiplies exponentially.

3. Promotion

Someone has made 1.59 million since August. Promotion form: small program sharing, personal website, offline ordering.

So how to quickly drain tourist powder

? Below share several drainage channels, the actual operation of one of the lines.

(1) Quora drainage

Quora is very popular, and many people pay attention to tourism topics. We can see that the top topics are almost hundreds of thousands or even millions of attention.

Operation idea:

a. Search for “travel”

Write answers to Questions

b. Write travel guide articles for different places

c. Scenic spots, hotels, air tickets and other content push

d. Travel commentary videos attract target groups

As we can see, this travel question has been viewed more than 1200 million times and liked by 1.2 million people. Then it is diverted to the public number. This kind of article is easy to find, go directly to self-media

Body platform search, and then take over the pseudo original can be

If quality cannot win quantity can be used.



We all know that


The flow is too big, this piece is definitely to do, you can make some share tourism strategy video, directly put the content of the article with a small map or scene

Click photo bubble online to share it. Guide to pay attention to the public number or add your wechat (wechat can share airline tickets, hotel and other preferential information in the circle of friends), free travel guide, now people are lazy, they are not willing to understand, free certainly many people are willing to take.

(3) a treasure drainage

By putting it on shelves and things like that

Virtual products, such as: hotel booking, air ticket booking. To offer low price, with pictures titles to attract traffic. This is a kind of poor information, earn N more do not understand people’s money. Book a hotel for someone, book a flight, for frequent business trips, this is a good way to cash in. It is also possible to promote domestic attractions

View the income. And this can also be a project to do alone, in a treasure on the hotel, someone set, you can go through the link to the sub, you can earn the intermediate price difference, and commission.

Promoting tourism is a new project. There are too many people going out to travel in China every year. Only a small part of the flow should be captured

You can make a lot of money. We also saw above that someone made more than a million dollars in just 20 days. It’s violent to think about it. In addition, the flow is continuous, and he will travel in the later stage, which can continuously form the pipeline income, and the later stage can realize the lying income.

New profiteering project, more than 20 days to earn 1.59 million   later to achieve lying income


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