Share a pull new money project, 0 cost, after reading the article to operate, earn 200 a day is not a problem.


I’m gonna share one with you guys today

Part-time project, pull new money

This project does not require you to pay any cost. After reading it, follow the operation shared in the article and it is not a problem to earn 200 per day.

It takes a bit of time to collect the content at the beginning of a project, and then it’s much easier to do it at all. Right

Make money.

Often play the Internet friends know that the general platform to launch, want to expand the market, will be used

Pull the new

In the way of drainage.

The price given is also very high, such as Pinduoduo 500


Of, 800


Invite new friends benefits, and Toutiao speed version, as shown below:

Invitation OK

Friends don’t just get 9


Friends also get 9


There are

Tao Te APP

Invite four new people

Withdrawal of 60


Many of you may look down on these projects, thinking that the money is too little, that they take too much time and effort, and that they don’t make a lot of money

Everyone wants to make a lot of money, but not everyone can make a lot of money, if you don’t

If you have that ability, it’s a part-time way to earn these small amounts of money. For example, if you invite 4 people, you can get 60. If you get more numbers, if you invite 8 people, if you invite 12 people, you can earn 100 or 200 people a day.

The more new people you bring in, the more money you make.

What are some apps like this?

In addition to the foregoing

Besides, I have sorted out some for you, such as: there are tomato novels three people 88,


Top speed edition, invitation cut red envelope, Jingdong Top speed and so on

There are some financial apps, pull the new amount is basically very high, you can search the Google Qianfan this platform to find some APP ranking to search test


You can go to the relevant QQ group to search and pull new relevant words, enter the QQ group, get information

Download each app to your phone, then sort out the promotional links, and what the new person needs to meet in order to earn revenue. Sort it out yourself.

How to promote it?

1. You can register if you have multiple mobile phone numbers.


Recruitment of part-time staff

Can go to the release of finding part-time information (wechat group, QQ group, university forum, 58), directly say do not pay a deposit, a single knot, there will be someone willing to do. As soon as someone is willing to make bubble money, send him the prepared information package, such as how much you pay him to download an app

Can achieve a single settlement.

For example, you can get 20 for commission


“, pull four people and you can set it to download a 2


The cost of 4 people doing you is 8


Earn 12 for yourself



40 people is 120


I can also ask the 40 people to do other apps, and then I can just do it

I will send you the screenshot for your review, and cash will be returned immediately after successful review.

Don’t think 40 people is difficult, every day to find part-time people, wechat index is more than 20 million people, the drainage of 40 people is simply not too easy.

Then those who have done it must find a way to accumulate it. Do not look down on those who collect the wool. There is strength in numbers

I can give you a couple hundred bucks a day.

3. Promote with mission platforms

There are a lot of part-time task platforms, there are a large number of part-time people, these people are serious need to do the task, organize your task, send to the platform, set the commission, waiting for others to operate, after the completion of the reward to him

I can also get a new commission.

Please click the link below to register for the mission platform:

Do a bounty mission with your phone. 1


Cash seconds to the account, lying at home also make money!

You get a credible mission platform, and

The following figure also gives you some collation, you can refer to it

4, offline promotion free delivery

Create an advertising stand, and then send small gifts, such as POTS, garbage, mobile phone holders, selfie sticks, hair clips and other cheap and practical things, then let users download and get free.

5. Divert traffic to the private domain


Finally, no matter where the traffic comes from, it can be guided to our private domain traffic pool, you can repeatedly use the traffic, the accumulation of fans, advertising cash, sell numbers, is also a good income.

Finally, do not overlook the project, rare projects can not do up, simple, cheap and despise, any

Projects are accumulative, there is no overnight success, only day after day accumulation and persistence!

Share a pull new money project, 0 cost, after reading the article to operate, earn 200  a day is not a problem.


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