Novice part-time can also earn 6000-10000 sideline brick making money project


Today share drop down new money making items for newbies

A novice

It can also be operated. The name of the project has always existed but the gameplay is different. Similar to fleecing, today’s sharing method is much easier and can be done as a side project, except that it will take you a little bit of time to sort out promotional links and conditions at the beginning

It doesn’t take much of your time, just 20 minutes a day in the background. The following is a detailed operation process:

1. Collect app link conditions

Now there are a lot of apps in all walks of life, and the price for new apps is very high, basically more than ten or even twenty pieces. Take STH.

For the products of Dance Company, such as toutiao speed version, douyin speed version and other apps, the new commission is more than 20.

And Ali’s products are more expensive, Laxin thought there are more than 30. For example, this app has 38



There’s a lot of apps out there. Just

You’ll notice it anytime you look. Maybe you don’t pay attention to it, now you can calculate, if you can pull 5 friends a day bubble net can earn more than 100 (5*38=170 dollars) a month is also calculated to have 5000 , is it higher than many students just graduated salary. like

There are so many of these apps out there that you don’t have to worry about dozens or even hundreds of them, but the more you do, the more time you have to spend on them. Download each app to the phone, and then sort out the promotional links, and what the new person needs to meet in order to gain revenue.

2. Promotion

It may be said that the promotion will feel

It’s difficult. Some people around you are hurt. In fact, your method is useless. Here are a few ways to help you feel at ease.

(1) Recruit part-time jobs

There are a lot of people looking for part-time jobs every day, you can publish the information of looking for part-time jobs (wechat group, QQ group, university forum, 58), directly say no deposit,

A single knot. There’s bound to be someone willing to do it. As long as someone is willing to do it, please send the prepared information package to him. For example, how much do you give him to download an app? It’s faster than sd, and there’s no deposit.

(2) Offline promotion free delivery

What do people like best, of course

It’s free. So offline promotion to prepare some small things, first of all, you need to make a roll (is an advertising display rack), in addition to buy some things to target the needs of the crowd, here you need to pay attention to the promotion of the crowd, (if the young people have to buy a mobile phone stand, selfie stick, or some cute dolls), and

If it is some elderly people can (prepare some eggs, small packages of rice, etc.) the price of this point, how much you can make a profit. Just say it’s free and ask them to download it.

3. Promote with mission platforms

This is one of the easiest ways to promote, just by Posting missions on a few platforms

Ok, set up the link, requirement and commission of the task, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Just go to the platform for 20 minutes every day to see if someone has completed the task. Below are some of the product platforms I found on the Internet. There are many such platforms, we need to pay attention to what is reliable, there is a little bad is by the platform

A deposit (refundable, of course) is required. You could do it on the side. Let’s say I make 10 on a single


You can complete 20 or 30 tasks on multiple platforms and earn 200-300 or more.

4, drainage to the public number

In the first 3 promotion ways to guide the attention of the public number to reply to a

A task, complete the task and wechat, commission. Create your own private traffic, the later promotion of other products is easier and more convenient, but also can earn more revenue, later have products directly released to the circle of friends and public number, finished looking for you to receive commission. When enough fans when the public number traffic main can cash, pick up

Advertising, sell the number, part-time powder prices are more expensive.

This project is not difficult at all, the above mentioned several ways there is always one suitable for you, as long as the operation is sure to be able to make money, and the project does not need investment even if you do not make money you will not have any loss. This is an empty – handed project. Even if you don’t want to

To promote, with family mobile phone download so many platforms can also earn hundreds of thousands of dollars is not a problem.

Novice part-time can also earn 6000-10000 sideline brick making money project


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