Spell many praise cashback project evaluation


When it comes to Pinduoduo project, I think the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is the broken freight insurance project. A year or two earlier, the return freight insurance is quite high. Basically, there are 12 or 13 dollars of freight insurance for a single return of goods

The difference of four or five dollars, if it is a Courier shop to have acquaintances or partnerships to send express is cheaper, earn more difference.

In fact, this kind of play is very low-end, almost everyone can do so to operate, so big platform you don’t think he doesn’t know this thing, people open is also in order to seize the market

This is to turn a blind eye, the market share of all aspects also began to control, now to see the freight insurance, basically return a single goods is only about 9 dollars of freight insurance, and express shop no cooperative relationship to do this, a single at most can only earn a dollar difference, and the goods return more, and then

To buy products directly without freight insurance, so this kind of more or less with a little ash operation, as long as the platform is more serious now simply cannot operate.

So do network project this aspect, want to be able to play for a long time, I still think to do regular projects, do not violate the rules of the platform is good, so today to you

This project is to spell a lot of regular projects, praise cashback.

Regular shoppers will be able to see the praise cashback card shown above after receiving the express package, in addition to the goods they bought. It can be understood that the merchants want to spend a few dollars to buy a praise from you. Generally, 2 dollars is the majority, because for the customers

1 dollars others are too lazy to spend time to comment, for businesses more than two dollars to do the cost of praise is too much, unless of course the profit is very high, but Pinjuoduo positioning is low price, so on average, a commodity is generally 2 dollars of praise cash back.

So, this project is actually very simple

Is to fight more to find the price of less than 1 dollars of goods to buy, and then the average praise of 2 dollars of cash back, a single earn 1 dollars and a commodity, one hundred single earn 100 dollars and one hundred small goods, and so on, in addition to earn the difference in the accumulation of small goods can also be disposed of by stalls.

Why is it normal

Operation, because this is normal to buy things, unlike the freight insurance that damaged the interests of the platform, the normal trading platform does not have any reason to limit you, for the platform platform more than a day live users, for the business to get sales and praise, for the follow-up product reputation and sales ranking provides the value, for themselves to get

The reward and commodity, achieve a win-win-win situation.

In fact, there are a lot of things on the price of less than a dollar. Generally, search for some daily necessities, and the home page will continue to recommend this kind of thing for a few cents to you.

As to whether this project is good or not, we need to break it down with you, first of all, this term

The purpose is normal trading, there is no violation, the only controversial may be the praise cashback card. I do not know what the platform rules are about this, but at present, this praise cashback card is already an unwritten rule in all major e-commerce platforms, and the violation is also the seller’s problem, our customers do not have any violation.

And what about this project

Make money, after my measurement, buy the commodity price is less than one dollars, generally only one dollars cashback card, and even some have not, so this project can earn money, but really earn not much, if the bad luck will receive half of the express will not praise card, there is only one piece, at most two pieces, an average single also

It’s just a dime difference.

Fortunately, you can keep buying without any restriction, but at the same time, it takes a lot of time and energy. You can only earn a few cents for one order, and dozens of dollars for a hundred orders. It is estimated that it will take a day to buy a hundred orders, and it takes time to collect, open, express and write comments

Overall, I think this project is not suitable for full-time operation. It is only suitable for the elderly at home or those who have nothing to do with their mother, because the time and energy spent is not proportional to the income.

Spell many praise cashback project evaluation


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