Earn thousands of dollars a day, zero base no threshold fast hand small game project


I shared several small projects yesterday, and my friends responded well. Many of them got money

Today I would like to share with you a quick game project, which does not require too much time every day. If you do it in your spare time, someone can earn several thousand dollars a week

I’ve shared a lot of games with you before

The project, whether it is to play with, or rent numbers, is to use the game to make money

This quick promotion game is also very simple,

A novice

It’s easy to get started. So where is the entrance?

On the Quicken search page, type ‘Quicken Game Partner’ and you will see the partner entry in the image

Enter the

On the Partners page, you’ll see a lot of little games, games that anyone can promote, games that people can make up to a thousand dollars

Next, choose your favorite game, or the game you think is popular with the public to promote, click the game to enter, there is a game at the bottom and participate in the task options

First click the game trial, first record a video of yourself try to play, through editing, then click to participate in the task, and finally publish the video can be, here should pay attention to, must play the game and participate in the task of the game in line with the game, because some people make video, do not know just

Try to play which game, disorderly to participate in the mission, so the official but not approved

How does the revenue come from?

Below is a video from the game promoter. You can see that he has 170,000 likes, which is still a lot of views. The red arrow is pointing at the entrance to the game

Game, you can click on the game link entry, there are ads in the game, users click on the AD, we have commission, within 7 days of the AD click, will get revenue

The official deadline for this task is June 30, so if you want to make money, you should start the operation, multi-account operation, multi-phone operation

Do, as many videos as possible, the weekly list is the highest revenue of thousands

Note: Do not fake, do not touch the official red line, do not induce diversion, so as to avoid the closure of the number. For more details, you can check the details of the task

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Earn thousands of dollars a day, zero base no threshold fast hand small game project


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