Complete operation process of TikTok Wallpaper number project with monthly income of $10,000!


Let’s cut the crap and get down to business.

Let’s look at the data for one of my numbers

The data, in my opinion, is not bad.

After all, it must be on.

Today I would like to talk to you from the following two aspects

1. Video production method

2. Drainage realization method

Because of the wallpaper number I personally feel super simple, just do video, upload,

Converted into cash

Let’s start with the video production method.

There are two main methods I use now.

One is to cut the same style, the other is to use a third party software template.

Cut the same style, is directly in the cut inside the template.

Let’s say we search for wallpaper in the clip.

Find a template that looks good to you, or gets a lot of likes


Cut the same style

Then insert the image that you think is good

Here, another problem arises

And that is

How to get the image material

Now I mainly do three types of wallpaper, beauty, landscape, second



Wallpaper pictures we can go to

Social networking Sites

, Quora, Weibo, public account to find

Let me take the public number as an example.

On wechat

Search for wallpaper inside

You can pay more attention to some of this kind of wallpaper public account, and then more praise and see, the system will give you more quality of the same kind of public account

So I basically found the material on various public accounts.

Once you find the material, you can go straight to the video.

Cut the same style, insert pictures, a video is finished

There you go.

This is to cut the same video method, a very simple operation template.

Another is to use third-party software as a template

Such as the Book of Beauty

There are also ready-made templates that you can use directly

It’s the same principle, you can use whatever template you want

I currently use both.

The above is the video production method, the basic operation

All over again.

Now let’s talk about drain realization.

I was directed directly to the official account.



Personal data there to leave a public number

Diversion to the public number change there are three

1, the number of public number reading advertising

2. The public account is connected to the delivery CPS

3, drainage to the personal number do Amoy customer

So far I’ve only used the first two.

Wallpaper class public number

Advertising unit price is very low, 2-3 cents a reading, a month can pick up 5-6

At present, the reading volume of my public account is not stable, there were more than 4000 before, now it is only 3000

But send some lsp diagram, read still can go up.

So it’s a fair amount for a month.

And then it’s right

I picked up a takeout mini program.

You put a link in the menu, and then the following will automatically respond.

Because it is a subscription number, the open rate is not high.

Last time a friend told me, let me add some to the personal number, do Amoy customer

Because I am not familiar with this field of Amoy customers, so I did not do it, at present is to take

Advertising cash out of takeout.

Basically that’s it, the wallpaper number is super easy.

Finally, summarize some minor problems that I often encounter when communicating with others during operation.



Do I need to raise the account number?

I just randomly watched videos for a few days, and then I started doing it

Yes, usually will go to brush

2. Do I need to open the pods?

Occasionally open, is to see a video burst, to pay attention to the background of the public number, if in this time add more powder, then open, if the video burst, less attention, then do not open, after all, not every bubble net earn a video others are happy

Hey, some of these videos suck.

3. Is multi-number operation needed?

At present, I operate 5 numbers, only 2 numbers can play the volume is ok, the other several numbers are general.

4. How long will it take to see results?

2-3 months. It’s not a quick buck

5. Is there any category I can introduce?

I’m currently doing beauty, landscape,




When I first did the beauty category, it was all LSPS,

Then I looked in the message and someone asked me if I could send some scenery category, I made a scenery category number



Also anime beauty category, all from those LSPS

6. Do I need to write a copy?

I sometimes copy other people’s hot money, and it doesn’t work, you know

Sometimes you find a copywriter, but you don’t find it helpful, do you

Sometimes instead of writing a copy, use a hashtag like # wallpaper # Leggy Beauty

Sometimes you write something like, with your 26 key, what is lsp

Wait, it’s just all kinds of writing.

That’s pretty much it. You can add me to the discussion if you have any questions.

Complete operation process of TikTok Wallpaper number project with monthly income of $10,000!


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