Talk about a very interesting information poor money project


I recently found a very interesting information poor project, very interesting and magical.

As we all know, the most magical shopping apps are Pinduoduo and Xianyu. How magical Xianyu is is shown below:

In the magical Idlefish app,

Only you think, nothing you can’t buy.

You know, Second hand goods trading platform

Is a second-hand goods trading platform, but it has a lot of special goods, very exciting.

Of course, today I’m not going to tell you about a special product, but I’m going to tell you about a bad product that makes money, and I came across it by accident.

All right, let’s cut the crap and just turn it on.


A niche product

I think we all know that many people on Xianyu make money by reselling goods. It is commonly known as the project of no goods, which is nothing but to raise the price of the goods on other shopping platforms and sell them on Xianyu.

Online goods are divided into two categories:

Physical goods and virtual goods.

There are so many different kinds of virtual goods, all of which are free businesses,

Virtual goods can be resold indefinitely, and each copy is 100 percent profitable.

Such as: PS tutorial, pirated courses, game equipment, postgraduate entrance exam materials, software customization……

Anyone in the e-commerce business knows that if you can find a product with low competition, you can generate a stream of revenue.

The profiteering commodity must be

Conform to:

Low cost, high price, high profit


I’m going to talk about a product that fits all three perfectly.

What are some of the most expensive commodities in the world?

Antiques, jade, gold, they definitely count.

Today we are going to talk about literary play, in our China there are a lot of people like to collect antiques, this

One group is mostly rich.

The reason why antiques are valuable is that antiques belong to non-viable resources. Chinese people all know that things are vaguely expensive.

Antiques are valuable because of their cultural heritage, and they have archaeological value to archaeologists.

Are very important for the study of ancient culture and history,

So antiques appreciate in value over time, which is why antiques are collectible.


Source of goods for antiques

Antiques are very valuable. We all know that antiques are very valuable. But how to find them?

The next thing to say is the key, offline source of goods, can go to local or from

Have around the literary market, low – priced to receive a number of goods, to sell on leisure fish.

Offline will be relatively troublesome, online can go to fight the night on the search:

Make old ➕XX(Product name)

If you look at the picture, the old itself is fake, so the price is very low, very cheap.

How high is the commodity premium? You can sell it at least ten times that, even

It’s a hundred times what it costs to sell.

That can go online to sell, also can go offline stall to sell, of course, here bubble net earn I suggest not to wear slippers, clothes can wear a little thicker.

Better call a few people, convenient to protect yourself, otherwise easy to break the leg, safety first…

No goods to earn the difference, is a multi-platform distribution, but

To sell it on all online shopping platforms.

Jingdong, Pinduoduo, Amazon goods, free fish sold, called free fish no supply project;

Put Duo Duo, Tao Bao, leisure fish goods, put Jingdong sell, called Jingdong stock project;

Jingdong, Pinduoduo, Xianyu goods, put Amazon to sell, called Amazon unsourced items;

Jingdong, Amazon, Xian

Fish goods, put put more to sell, called put more out of stock project.

In the product description, be sure to disclaimer, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble, if someone wants a refund, do not bother to return.

It’s called setting a bad debt rate, allowing some people to get their money back, but it doesn’t make much difference, it makes most people’s money.

The statement is a fudge

Picked up in a small place, picked up in a mountain, picked up by accident.

The purpose of doing so is to prevent unnecessary trouble, the price as far as possible not to sell too expensive, do not promise to be genuine, that they do not know the true or false.


The more sand sculpture, the more like this kind of thing, the more like to pick up cheap, the easier to be cheated, low price deception

It’s all about taking advantage of human greed.

The smaller the place, the more fraud, a lot of professional fraudsters, like to go to the countryside, because people in small areas of low awareness, third-tier cities and urban areas, belong to the sinking market.

High-cognitive people, harvest low-cognitive people.

The idea is to think through, draw inferences, one hundred, big

Home can think about, can extend the product.

This article is only for disclosure, do not imitate!

Talk about a very interesting information poor money project


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