Short video startup 3 ways, zero cost profiteering money project


With the development of society, some people’s life pressure is very big, so in recent years, such as adventure, farmhouse fun and other activities to relieve the pressure of life and work are more and more popular with the public.

In the past two years, with the rise of short video, the public’s interest in this hobby has been a very good release, at present

From this point of view, the best choice for individuals to do this kind of short video entrepreneurship is the entertainment direction, because the social demand is very large.

At present, the biggest problem for entrepreneurs is how to enlarge one of their interests, and then use their professional interests to gather a number of fans, so as to cash out, like fishing

People sell fishing gear, outdoor fish to sell wild goods, these are accurate fan properties under the cash.

Of course, there are certain differences between the Internet and real life. When we do Internet projects, we need to have a set of operation methods of the Internet. It is not like when we go to school, each subject requires a balance on the Internet

We only need to do a good job in one direction of the effort can be, the interest of their own infinite amplification.

Next, I will summarize with you some suitable for personal entertainment in the direction of a development prospect, of course, if we can make good use of their own entertainment skills, the prospect is very big, and now everyone

They all need a kind of mental relief.

1. Game projects

At present, there are a lot of game projects in the short video industry. In the past, games were super resisted by various parents, but now, game projects are very suitable for the development of the video field.

Like station B or


There are a large number of games up the Lord, as long as there is production

Out of the content, someone is watching, no matter what the game, as long as someone plays it shows that there is such a market, and according to the game of an offline competition can be seen everywhere, often is a world-class event, or very attractive.

In this foil, many students’ dreams are also changing, even willing

To become a professional esports player, you can not only make your favorite games, but also earn money, so the game industry is a very good breakthrough.

2. Black Pit Fishing project

Speaking of this project, it is also a very popular entertainment field at present. First of all, it is summer, which is a very suitable season for fishing

In addition, in the field of video, fishing is a boring sport, there are more static pictures.

In this case, there was an urgent need for a story to attract users’ attention, so the movement of the black pit boss gradually formed in the circle. Of course, there was no such conflict between the black pit boss and the esports player

It’s just that we put on a show together.

Just imagine, the black pit boss is doing this kind of business, if some fishermen come to earn, the boss will not be happy, on the catch not to let any more fishing, then I would like to ask who will come to his fishing site fishing, he also pointed to the fishermen can help him more publicity.


Like the fishing story of the video, the direction of making money is basically advertising, with goods these two points, sell some fishing gear, float and so on, insert some advertising space is relatively high, this is also a good direction to cash in.

3. Sports events

This take a simple example, is table tennis, I believe you should

I have watched such a video, going to some places where middle-aged and elderly people are entertained, and challenging some middle-aged and elderly table tennis fans with the plot of pretending not to be able to do it at the beginning and then anti-killing.

And even, at the top of the game, gambled his own daughter out to take on the challenge, which was all scripted, of course, just to

Is in order to cause a certain resonance in the audience here, playing table tennis can also win the girlfriend, this story just came out or very gimmick, see more will be numb.

The purpose of a gimmick joke like this is to provoke comments from the audience, as there are often some incongruous feelings in jokes, even from black fans

To add to the interaction of this joke, one of the words often used in the bubble network is: Do the old iron think what I said is right, right buckle 1, wrong buckle 2, the principle is the same.

Now in this society, as long as you can put your own hobby infinite amplification, you can attract others, when this

After a hobby has been amplified infinitely by people of the same interest, the next step is to spend money on you.

In fact, the dividend of the short video field has just risen. No matter what project can get the precipitation of a fan user in the short video, using such a lever principle, to seize the current public entertainment side

To do a good job of entertainment projects cash work.

In fact, if you are careful friends should also be able to see, no matter what field you are in, content creation is the first important, as long as there is enough content to gather fans and make money, then the top priority is how to make their interests into content.

On the one hand

To do creative story design, on the other hand is to refer to peers, imitate a play of peers, in any field, can not be separated from learning, first to understand one of their own content production basis, and then to do the other is not a problem, the idea of making money through, the rest is to make money.

Short video startup 3 ways, zero cost profiteering money project


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