Beginners can also play paid-for-knowledge, auto-earning course programs that aren’t complicated to navigate


Today in the square around a large group of people, I passed by, feel curious, also around the past to see.

It turned out that a person was singing and dancing in the live broadcast, because this person was very active in the mobile phone, and many people in the town had a very boring life, when they saw this kind of fun, they gathered around to watch.

When he’s done with a dance, go back

In front of the phone, take out a piece of paper from your pocket, put it on the back of the phone, and then read it for a while.

At this time, the onlookers burst into laughter, listening to a big brother next to me laughed and said: “So these people live, have a script to read ah, if so, I can also do live, ha ha!”

“Normal, right? Electricity

There are teleprompters in TV programs, and it is normal for others to read from the script. Not everyone has strong expression ability!” “Said another eldest sister.

I smiled and walked away from the crowd.

In fact, a lot of things are like this, when you don’t see the real face, you will think that these people are so powerful, talking in a different way,

The ability to carry goods is also super.

In fact, they all went from novice to veteran.

In the novice period, it is very normal to read according to the script, when reading, these lines by heart, this time also can carry the script, say a set of words.

So don’t be deterred by the “expertise” of your peers, as long as you

Do it, stick with it, and sooner or later, you too will become an expert in this field.

These two years knowledge payment is very popular, there are a lot of people caught in this wind, earn a bucket of gold.

But there are still many people envy other people’s income, but do not dare to step out to do this step.


Because he thinks he can

For those who pay for knowledge, the output must be very valuable, otherwise how could so many people be willing to pay?

I have a friend who thought this way, and when I talked to him, I said two words that, in his words, gave him an Epiphany.

What two words?

Copy it!

He was not confident at first,

They don’t think they can make something that people will pay for.

When I told him that he could copy the essence of others, he immediately knew how to do it.

He did office software tutorials, choose some of the best lessons, and then follow the best lessons, recorded again.

Because it’s all software, even though

I mean, it’s unaltered, and there’s no infringement involved.

He then sold his recorded lessons online and sold a lot of them.

You know, these classes can be recorded once and sold an infinite number of times.

It’s really an automatic money maker.

If you want to make a copy of the original course to sell

The following platforms can be considered.

One is NetEase Cloud Class.

Precise flow is very big, but if you are just starting to do, do not want to compete with the home page of these big coffee, others to eat meat, novices to do soup is good, stick to it, one day, you can also eat meat.

The second is Tencent Classroom.

Into the

This platform requires professional skills certificate, which is the threshold, but there is a threshold, there will be less competition.

The third is Amazon education.

Four is the headline paid column.

Five is litchi micro lesson, thousand chat.

The specific requirements of these platforms can be checked at the time of entry.

To summarize the steps for operating this project:

Choosing a course area –

Looking for the essence of the course – copy into their own original course – upload to the platform for automatic sale – collect money – smart!

Beginners can also play paid-for-knowledge, auto-earning course programs that aren’t complicated to navigate


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