Share a project suitable for individual or studio to make more than 10 million a month, or even unlimited expansion – game play


Now there are a lot of personal part-time money on the Internet, such as Amazon customers, takeaway CPS, Second hand goods trading platform without supplies,


Small programs, shooting short videos, etc.

What I’m going to tell you today is a project that is suitable for individuals, can also use the studio to make a monthly income of more than ten million, or even infinitely expanded.

The game

This industry has been around for more than a decade. Since its emergence on YY platform in 2010, there have been numerous platforms.

Briefly talk about the industry background: Now the game market is increasingly active, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, the rapid development of the Internet economy, which leads to people prefer to stay at home, so each

A kind of play came into being.

Personal gameplay has been mentioned before, so I will leave it at that, and I will focus on upgrading gameplay.

How the Studio plays

Follow the following steps to explain in detail:

1. Studio budget

2. Staff recruitment

3. Staff training

4. Staff management

5. Customer retention

6. Industry expansion

Step 1: Studio

Budget of

Basically, the main things that need to be invested in the establishment of a small playing studio are: computers, rent, accounts, tables and chairs.

Computer investment, a computer configuration, to play League of Legends and PUBG configuration as the standard, a computer about three or four thousand dollars. Early capital investment pressure is greater

To choose computer rental, find the same city to rent a computer, a month is about three or four hundred dollars.

Rent input, depending on the size of the individual plan. About the best spacing between each station is more than 10 meters.

Because we have soundproof requirements, when two escorts take orders at the same time, the customer can hear several sounds


For account expenses, we need to operate with multiple accounts, so as to ensure our single quantity.

Miscellaneous expenses, matching tables and chairs, Internet cables, etc.

It’s like buying all new, $4,500 for each station. If it’s all for rent, one thousand dollars is enough for a workstation.

2. Staff recruitment

Maybe you will here

I am curious that the platform for playing has always been a personal part-time project. How is this magnified? Why come to our studio when you can take orders yourself.

The main reason is because there are so many individual players, and the demand for playing can’t reach that magnitude. Individuals often fail to grab a single


Personal game account reserve is not enough, a lot of orders are not accepted.

This is the birth of the studio, the role of the studio, is to take orders, send orders, provide accounts.

The employee’s salary is to see their own set, can be divided, can also be the base salary plus commission.

When we hire people, we try to

Mainly female employees.

Our recruitment method, it is suggested that the local public number, or the local circle of friends to advertise this kind of account to recruit people.

Go large recruitment platform, put the words to think well, do not come up is to recruit people to play games and so on. If you tell people that you play games for money, people will be suspicious


It takes words to guide

3. Staff training

The training here is in addition to the game. After all, the play project belongs to the service industry, the point of play, very few are in order to go to the points. Most of them are bored and want to find someone to chat with.

Our training is to teach them how to stay, right

Accounts, how to convert users.

The demand of playing is spiritual, so that customers have a good experience, the probability of re-purchase is very large.

For the little sister who has no contact with the game, you can find a game for her first, so that she can actually open the voice and find someone to play the game with in it, and practice several times to eliminate that kind of blind

I feel it. You can start making money.

What should be noted here is that if the expected effect is not achieved in a short period of time, we should not use this employee.

4. Staff management

We’re taking other people’s time and making money for ourselves. So be nice to people and keep your employees.


Above, don’t be too demanding. Basically, after the studio has been running for a few days, you can roughly know when the flow of people is peak and when there are fewer people. You can customize an approximate time.

In terms of salary, you can use the stepped commission, you can also use commission plus basic salary, you can also use commission, this

Just make it yourself.

In terms of accommodation, generally speaking, private accommodation is the best. After all, it can be centralized management, enhance the feelings between colleagues, and the sense of belonging to the whole team will be stronger.

Usually also communicate with everyone more, make jokes, make some small activities. The long-term survival of small groups depends on sense

I love you.

5. Customer retention

This is the key, the main industry is to play with old customers.

When we are training, we will teach the little sister some words, so that the little sister will play with the customers into the wechat inside.

Chat more with customers at ordinary times, increase the intimacy between customers, but also improve the volume of an order


This is a very important point if you want the studio to be in it for the long term. Prepare their own micro signal, each sister to play with their own micro signal.

The core of play is the old users, only to catch these in their own hands so that it can be long.

6. Industry expansion

Every project has trial and error when it comes to your

Once the studio is done, you are the trial-and-error in the industry, and the rest of the people who want to do it will come and teach you.

You can do training, recruitment agents. Or let the studio do a better sister, give her a partnership to open a studio and so on.

To sum up

Play with the rise of the industry for many years, although it has been tepid

But if it can be done all the time, it must have a market value.

Individuals who are interested in Internet entrepreneurship can try to make a bubble online income, after all, the investment of the whole project is relatively small. Computers, wechat and office equipment are all necessary for an Internet project.

For the Internet from

Industry, these are not cost, after all, not disposable consumables.

Finally, I would like to remind the friends who want to do this industry, to play with the industry, it is easy to go astray, we should keep the original intention when doing this industry, do not make their own bad behavior.

Share a project suitable for individual or studio to make more than 10 million a month, or even unlimited expansion – game play


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