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Cousin graduated, the job is also implemented, went to a large state-owned enterprises.

When all is said and done, the next thing to consider is where to live.

After four years in the dorm, he had had enough.

I’m gonna rent a place, get some independence.

How to find a house, is the problem.


Finding a house is not difficult.

There are real estate agents on the street and online

58 city.

Asked several agents, the service charge is half the rent.

Online is also mostly intermediary, landlord direct rent seems to be very few.

He didn’t want to spend the money and wondered if there was another way.

I gave him a few suggestions:

Let’s start with the offline way,

Go to the bulletin board in the neighborhood

Although the community is now strictly managed, it is prohibited

Advertising is permitted, but there is also an area for owners to communicate, as many houses for rent and sale have on it.

Find a landlord through a landlord

Birds of a feather flock together, there must be many landlords around the landlord, there are not too many suitable houses on the bulletin board, and each family decoration style is different, so no

It will certainly suit you, it doesn’t matter, directly put forward their own requirements and ask the landlord to help forward the friend circle and community.


To rent 2 rooms 1 hall, with kitchen and bathroom, can carry the bag to check in, interested to contact XX.

Soon you’ll have n landlords looking for you, and you’ll be a buyer’s market.

That’s when you can compare prices and pick as needed.


And then the online approach,

In addition to 58, there are a number of sites that allow cross-city communication.

For example, Second hand goods trading platform in the same city plate.

For example, Douban Tongcheng.

For example, information classified websites

For example, we media bloggers.

Many do traditional business, also began to layout short video.

There are many similar channels, such as QQ

Group, circle of friends, search a search, etc., here is not to say more, there is a need to draw inferences.

Combine these methods and you can find the right house without a broker’s fee.

That’s the benefit of being good at searching. You can save money if you don’t make money.


Once you know the information gap, you can make money from it.

Different channels, corresponding to

Prices are also different.

A hidden profession is called principal landlord agent.

This is not to say that the past kind of contract house and then refit to rent, that model is too high, not suitable for ordinary people, here is to play the light asset operation, simple and easy to use.

Cousin in 58 after a house, the agent quoted 1500, changed

He asked for the price from different channels, but with the same copy and pictures, the price was 1300. Finally, he found the landlord and got the price of 1000.

Why is it so much cheaper?

There are several reasons for this:

If the agent wants to make a 50-50 fee, it will raise the price of the house.

Part of the intermediary is the misinformation peddler, who is better at promoting,

Can get a lot of traffic, and they don’t have time to run to push, housing more than bubble net earned from the price of 1300 this part of the staff.

The reason for the offer of 1500 is to leave room for a counteroffer. If the price is a direct deal, it will push the boat along with the current, which is good for the landlord, the intermediary and oneself, and everyone makes money.


The intended customer is rather tangled, so I lowered the price to 1300 by the excuse of lowering the price with the landlord to stimulate the transaction. You see, I have helped you return 200, which is sincere enough.

Can we do this kind of project?


The gameplay is still the same as the Internet project.

Direct to the national real estate to do key word hegemony screen.

Such as Hangzhou rent,

Los Angeles rent, Shenzhen rent…

Directly carry the copywriting and pictures of other intermediary companies, and constantly brush the screen on the above platform.

Talk with them about cooperation, I have the flow, have the intention of customers, let’s cooperate with commission.

Give you a drainage of 1 powder how much money, directly deal with a powder how much money.

We got the back end. We got the front end


Adhere to 1 month, 100% have a deal.

Did you make the money?

And so on.

And as we say,

People in the world, the law is not fixed, and then know the illegal law.

Project thinking only do enlightening eyes, practical operation also need to figure out more.

I hope you will be promoted as soon as possible!

A single profit up to 500 , 0 cost virtual resource project!


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