Profiteering information to make money projects, novice easy to enter 3W a month


To make money online, e-commerce, as a big category, has a lot of commodities for us to choose from. Therefore, in recent years, there have been a lot of e-commerce product selection conferences, cross-border product selection conferences and so on, which are all promoting their products.

So why do you do this? Just because of poor information, just like we do offline projects

Product low buy high sell, earn the difference between the product assembly is to take this low price products to fight high output.

Like to do a treasure like some of these products with a big difference, if the profit is relatively large, you can do paid traffic, through payment conversion, is able to earn a good income.

See a hundred recently

Some people are selling gold bracelet in the bidding, this is more interesting, and the real gold is almost, it seems that everyone likes such vanity products, I recently watched a lot of people in some broadcast rooms selling this product, search, the profit is really very big.

Like this normal sarcophage bracelet that I saw,

It sold for close to 200 on Google bidding


A lot of people may think this price is not high, that is because compared with the real gold, this price is not high, but if it is compared with gold, it will be high.

We came to purchase online to see such a gold bracelet in the end value of a few

Why, if you buy a single here, the price is about 4.50 dollars, if you buy in bulk, the price is more attractive, even two dollars


Less than the price, we can take it.

If this is made into a competitive product, a gold bracelet costing less than 5 dollars is sold at 200 dollars, the profit has directly doubled

Many times more, even if it is sold in a normal shop, there is a profit of tens of dollars.

Like this very profitable products, the actual profit is very large, even if you are in charge of the package and mail delivery, earn enough, we look at this product do not think, hey, how can anyone buy this thing, because everyone’s thinking

D is not the same, as long as there is this kind of product, someone will buy it, that is certain, the market determines the value.

That like a commodity, its value is the information is bad to make money, like a lot of people in the broadcast room said jade hundreds of dozens can be taken down, and some of the color is better, what raw stone, ice and so on, but

It’s priced in the thousands at the mall, and it’s been sold for years.

A very simple project to buy and sell, of course, not only these gold bracelets, there are some


Treasure and silver


I see there is a very large spread, let’s look at the silver in the Second hand goods trading platform bubble net


The price is basically the same

12 bucks. If it’s not 12 bucks, it’s free, but the postage is still 12



Then we are in the search of the Republic of China 12 years of silver


As you can see, the most expensive one is only about 5 dollars. This is a high-profit commodity, especially some commodities whose market price is not transparent

Earn the difference.

After we find such a product, we can sell such a product on multiple platforms. For example, we can sell low-price products on Xianyu or certain treasure. There is also a platform with very poor information that is called Weopatang.

Many of you probably haven’t heard of micropats. Yeah

Wechat in an auction platform, I used to have bought some goods on this platform, is to buy, is to use the form of auction to let the user addiction, auction can be set the lowest price, then I found that the lowest price is a treasure above the price.

Last night at the


I just brushed it on. Look

When I went to a special wine show of Dream Blue, I casually took two bottles of Dream 6. As we all know, watching the live broadcast, it is a kind of passion consumption, because today is 618. After watching the live broadcast, I took a stroll on a treasure and went away in a flash


I submitted a refund. The dream 6 I shot in the studio was more expensive than the official flagship store of a treasure

About 200, although in the broadcast room and sent two bottles of what Yanghe, but everyone knows, or their own money to buy.

This information difference play is really six, so at any time can not take advantage of the poor information of goods, as small as a gold bracelet, a silver


They’re all very profitable.

If you are still struggling to know how to choose products, I will give you a good idea, directly to a sound broadcast room, specifically to find some small goods, these small goods must be very large price difference.

Just like some unknown watches, legendary Mosans diamonds, etc., these products do not know when to come out

Why? Because before in our impression diamonds, mechanical watches these are really expensive.

Suddenly there is such a very low price also called diamond commodity, also pure yellow sand gold appeared in front of us, the psychology of picking up jumped out, after all, these commodities make money

The way is poor information.

Use some ways or words to achieve a deal, or free or cheap selling and so on, jump to the platform to operate, of course, the most important thing is not only your difference is how much, but how hot your goods, try to find some network red products will be better to sell some.

Profiteering information to make money projects, novice easy to enter 3W  a month


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