Low-cost virtual resources to make money project, 5 dollars to leverage millions of profits


Today I will share with you a project that leverage high profit with low cost, and share this project mainly in the idea. People say the most corrupt behavior is to start a business, a lot of people start a business, few success. It may be caused by a variety of reasons, but most people must be because of the shortage of funds, so they choose

When choosing a project, it is best to choose a project with low cost and high profit. Even if you don’t make money for a while, your capital can support you to stick to it. Today I will share with you the script killing project, the following details:

I have said before to see whether an industry has a demand, whether the project can be implemented, to see whether

Someone advertises on Google, wechat,


Check to see if anyone is operating, if anyone is searching.

1. Google

When I search Google, I find that there are 3 companies are advertising, indicating that this project is profitable. As we all know, as long as someone to invest in advertising is to spend money, if not make money to invest a week at most not

Someone else will be doing it.

Search Google index found that nearly 10,000 people a day in the search for this word, this does not include the relevant words to calculate down tens of thousands of traffic every day or someone, from the search engine if the flow is accurate flow.

2. Wechat

With the wechat index search is more horrible, reached more than nine million, remember

Every day, it’s scary to think about it, a market this big, even a little bit under your fingernails is enough to make you a lot of money.

Point open advertising to see the next is to guide attention to the public number.

Then asked me to reply to the script, the name of a random shot, so enter is a link,

What’s the list price? $4.20. It’s for sale

When I saw that the sales volume of this play was 1000 , the sales volume of this play analysis was 4200 . What I couldn’t understand was that a play analysis had a large market, but the key was that it was also automatically delivered without manual labor, so I opened his shop again.

All products sold 10

00 .

Originally wanted to count how many babies, the number of 300 babies have not finished counting, the rest of the script there are many I pull are not finished, not to count, even if it is a few scripts, no one sales is zero, that at least have a seventy or eighty, and the link price, more than four to six dollars

Not exactly. I didn’t do the math very carefully, but by a rough calculation, this unattended store, conservatively, made at least a million dollars

Although I do not know how long this store has existed, but the script killing is really known to the public, that is, these two * children, I with keen intuition to a treasure software search for the script analysis


$4.98, 2,000 scripts sold as a package, which means if you want to do it, it’s only going to cost you $5, so just this $4.98 link, it’s selling over 5,000 copies a month.

A script analysis is sold for three or five dollars, consumers buy it without pressure, willing to pay, he sold

Also very easy, plus the script kill these two years so popular, has a huge audience, if do a reasonable drainage, it will become a few hundred million business is also very good, above we see on Google a platform every day there are tens of thousands of accurate flow, not wechat,


And some other platforms


Smart talent will not do so, but to explore the upstream or downstream of the industry, just like seeing the above bidding advertisement, is doing investment, investment each charge more than tens of thousands of dollars, do not know how many copies need to sell to match. If you go back and look at the number of people who open stores offline, it ends up being mostly

I’m paying for it. Because investment is out of proportion to income. Just like the above, you can sell script parsing at the beginning, set up the back-end for those who have the skills, find someone to do it, and invest less than 1000 dollars, or you can pay less for each reception. Even if you have a poor ability or a bad project,

At least not at a loss, if you have the ability to attract investment to join.

The main reason to share this project is the idea. All walks of life have needs, and the gameplay will change from them. Find low cost, high demand projects to operate.

Low-cost virtual resources to make money project, 5 dollars to leverage millions of profits


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