Rare money making project: Make GIF Wechat emojis, let you lie to earn 10000


I’ve been talking about projects, and I find that I like to say one sentence:

Making money is very simple, but just copy and paste!

Or is it? If making money were that easy,

I believe everyone is a millionaire. Why talk about projects?

Still dreaming at home? Wake up!

The fastest way to make money has always been to learn from ancient times

To this day, never changed!

If you don’t learn, you won’t be able to do the simplest copy and paste!!

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a project,

As long as you study hard, you can learn to make, easily bring wealth,

There has never been a savior,

Only through study and hard work can you have a chance to live the life you want!


I believe we are all familiar with emoticons. More and more young people like to use emoticons to express their feelings or unspeakable feelings.

As we all know, not all emojis are free, some emojis are made by special people, and they need to pay to be used on the public account, that is, the kind of hit

Appreciate the form.

Generally speaking, the amount of reward varies from one piece to several pieces or even dozens of pieces. According to the statistics, the memes with the least amount of reward are around 4,000 words, which means that the minimum income of a set of memes is 4,000 words


Right and left.

And that’s just based on the minimum payout, if it’s higher

Is 6000 ~ 8000


If the number of memes can be tens of thousands, it is normal to make 20,000 dollars a month.

The project of wechat emojis is quite lucrative, and its cost is basically zero.

Now let’s review this project and the whole process.

1. Register an account

Search the wechat platform for help

Hand register an account, you can choose the identity of an individual or a business to register the account.

In the registration guidelines, the authorities stipulate that emojis that meet the requirements of the platform should be uploaded, such as character designs involving promotion and game products, which cannot be approved.

2. Make memes

Making memes sounds very, very high

It’s actually not that hard to make. Some memes are usually just a picture with some Internet buzzwords, and the most common one is using your pet as a meme.

It doesn’t take much drawing skill to make the memes, just a simple configuration operation. We can go to Tieba microblog to collect related elements

Material, there are many popular words and emoticons produced in these places every day. We can learn from them, but we must not carry them directly to avoid copyright disputes.

It is necessary to master the operation of some software, such as PS, FLASH, AI, GIF and so on. It is not very difficult to learn these software.

There are free textbooks available online, you can just search for them.

Don’t say you can’t learn, don’t make any excuses if you want to make money, as long as you study hard, you can operate these software proficiently in one or two months.

Three, how to drain cash?

The drainage

There are two most common types of drainage:

1. Pass

Social networking Sites

, Quora, Toutiao and other we-media

Line text drainage.

2, through video drainage, can be in


, Kuaishou and other platforms to register accounts, make videos for drainage.

The above two drainage methods,

Finally, fans on the platform should be diverted to the personal wechat or public number, the public domain traffic into private domain traffic, for the future realization to lay a solid foundation.

Converted into cash

Wechat tip is only a small part of the revenue of emoticons. If it only relies on users tip to gain revenue, it will face a dilemma: the whole project cannot guarantee stable profits.

Wechat emojis have a golden week, when the golden week is over, the profits brought by users’ tips will obviously decline, the platform

Generating too much content per day will take away our revenue.

How can we find other sources of revenue for this project to ensure that this project becomes a healthy and sustainable project?

1. Make money abroad

At present, more and more people are making wechat emojis on wechat platform, and it is becoming more and more difficult to increase their income through this channel

Hard to do.

Foreign emojis are used only after payment. Foreign websites will search for some high-quality emojis and verbs, which is a way to increase revenue for the creators of emojis.

We often use emojis, in foreign countries is a relatively classic paid emojis.

But this way of making money is limited to us

More, we must have the ability to log in these websites, in addition, foreign countries pay much attention to copyright issues, this must pay attention to.

2. The website makes money

There are a lot of meme websites at home and abroad. Except a few of them are created by themselves, most of the other resources are carried, that is, the bubble network will earn the network

All the latest memes on their website.

This is a great site for lazy people who want to track down the latest memes all at once. The cost is only a few hundred dollars a year, as long as the operation, only advertising revenue can easily cover the cost.

3. Create personal IP

There are a lot of bloggers out there

Share emojis on Weibo, put multiple emojis together and send them out again, mark the emojis with a very obvious watermark, and then leave a message in the comment section: If you want the original HD emojis, please follow XXX public account.

This is the diversion of Weibo fans to wechat public number after other marketing behavior. in



The fast hand can also be drained in this way.

This is one of the most common ways to monetize a meme project, packaging a meme into a personal IP, but to play with this model, you have to

The ability to create high quality memes.

We’re going to go deep in content, and we’re going to have all the memes around one

Fixed image to build, so as to gradually form IP effect.


This is a large or small project, the nature of the Internet project or traffic business, we can not only dream of relying on content to carry out cash, but more need to pay attention to how to rely on content to obtain traffic, and then use traffic to realize cash, the project

Expand as much as possible.

That’s all for this article

Rare money making project: Make GIF Wechat emojis, let you lie to earn 10000


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