Suitable for novice novice money project: social networking site video operation process


People say: the Internet era, is an era of grassroots resistance! This statement is indeed good, the Internet brings more opportunities to ordinary people, as long as you seize the opportunity, it is not difficult to reverse the wind, but why some people are more toss and turn down? The poorer? Because there are so many opportunities on the Internet, but there are also so many scams

Only those with vision, format and determination, coupled with execution, can firmly seize the opportunity and complete the counterattack! It is a common disease of modern people. It is the sorrow of modern people to retreat from difficulties, and it is these that make you unable to turn the tables against the wind, after all, incompetent!

I’m going to tell you about a project that actually makes money,

As long as you keep an empty cup mentality, to carefully study the project, disassemble the project, and the project as one, learn from peers, change lazy, adhere to, continue, try to strengthen the execution, is bound to succeed in fact, do video many times is a team in doing, individuals do it is relatively difficult. but

Social networking Sites

The presentation of

It’s an exception.

Social networking Sites

Especially suitable for novice individuals to do, relative


Fast hands are easy to cash out of powder.

Social networking Sites

As we all know, women’s consumption power is very strong, so it is generally easy to cash in the commodity market dominated by women. Do small

The red book focuses on the selection of fields, such as movies, animation, music, constellation and emotion, etc. These directions can be segmented to expand, as long as women like the content can be done. Choose your own field to expand in the future, find out their own field peers, later you can transfer and collect peers, of course, other fields

Good material can also be transferred, because we need to do is constantly output new content.


Social networking Sites

Video Special Interest

1, flow support,

Social networking Sites

YouTube rights registered, users can enjoy the way of traffic support, chips reward, during

Social networking Sites

The fries under the bubble net earn help lift

Increase exposure, interaction, and add fans to your account. After users get traffic, they can make money by inserting items under their notes through the Good Things referral function.

2. Cash reward of the platform. Users have the opportunity to get cash reward after Posting high-quality videos, which is a kind of support created by the platform for users

The way of presentation. Cash prizes are awarded based on the video’s originality, interaction and play.

3. Commercial creation is the priority. After registering the rights and interests of YouTube, users can get the priority recommendation of commercial creation on the platform, which, to a certain extent, provides users with a lot of opportunities to make money.


Social networking Sites

The operation flow of


Social networking Sites

Account registration with mobile phone registration account, so the weight is higher than the general registration, and then choose their own field to do, remember that must be female field.


Social networking Sites

The creator should

Pay attention to how to make the platform recommend the skills of the works, how to make the works popular, so when the work should pay more attention to the layout, title, keywords, pictures, labels, these problems.

3, drainage should pay attention to matters, must understand the rules of the platform, avoid stepping into the platform minefield on drainage realization, whether

Social networking Sites

Or any platform, is to prevent the diversion to other platforms, so in addition to the platform with goods to obtain commission, want to divert to other platforms for cash, but also need some hidden methods.


Social networking Sites

Post video money making tips

1, accumulate fans, it is not that we can just register an account to make money, what things

There are preconditions for demand. As a social software, fans are our wealth.

2, enough quality content, in the early harvest so many fans, must spend some thought more quality content, is so talented enough to retain fans.

3, vertical field, continue to follow up and share the experience

Points, must focus on a certain area, more conducive to advertising creation, more conducive to cash.

Suitable for novice novice money project: social networking site video operation process


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