Fishing subdivision project, master it to earn thousands of dollars a month is easy! (With drainage ideas)


Several good friends invited me to go fishing with them the other day.

This big cold day, looks good with strength, for some obsessed fishing friends, impossible to seal the rod, bubble net to earn these few good friends is such an obsession, since called me, can only agree to come down.

My fishing technique is very dish, do not understand what yellow

Gold fishing position, also don’t pick fishing rod, not to look for fish holes, just hobbies, but also into the circle of friends that is all.

The weather was very cold that day. Although the weather was around 10℃, I still went fishing with my friends. Although the process was very difficult, the result was quite gratified


In the process of fishing, the test is the attitude and patience, not to envy friends, complaining about yourself. My friends catch more fish than I do, and they are more than 2 catties of fish.

Put a calm attitude, show yourself, open a good hand of bait, fish naturally come.

Fishing is like a project, no action, no plan,

If you can’t make it to the end, will the fish be yours?

Projects are found in the life dribs and DRBS, fishing niche products can also make money?

After I returned home, I deeply reviewed the fishing niche products and found that many of my peers made a lot of money on this fishing niche.

【 Two 】

Today I’m going to share

How to make money in the fishing subdivision market!

What is the fishing niche market?

Fishing is a main keyword, and the market segment is to divide other fishing products according to the differentiation of customer needs, so as to meet the service objectives of different consumers.

There are very many subdivisions of fishing, common

There are fishing rods, fishing pills, fishing lights, multi-functional fishing boxes, fish detectors, fishing chairs, fishing hats, fishing toys, fishing accessories, fishing gloves, fishing supplies and so on.

Today I want to focus on the fishing gear subdivision project.

There are many kinds of fishing gear, such as rods, hooks, nets and so on.

General fishing friends like to buy each

Kind of fishing rod, fishing rod at least 100


Above, it is very common for anglers to have several fishing rods in general, and some professional anglers to buy more expensive fishing rods.

Fishing is a very fun, patient thing to do, and when there is a demand, there is a market.

We used the whole Web search index to search for the keyword fishing rod,

Get the whole network index 747, this index is not high, belongs to the unfashionable subdivision industry field.

Long tail words fishing rod, fishing rod gear, fishing rod, fishing rod head tied diagram and so on, some of these are people search, so we can use these search long tail words for layout, the use of SEO, bidding wide

To make money.

The target group of this fishing gear subdivision project is very precise. We guide fishermen to add wechat into the community while promoting it, which is later.

【 Three 】

Let’s look at the source of fishing rods.

General channels are from 1688 or other wholesale websites to purchase goods, the preferred 1688 website, before

Fan feedback why always buy from 1688, is really puzzled, after the bubble network to earn my voice, just know that the 1688 website is a piece of treasure, good use is to make a lot of money information poor channel, not good can only say that the Internet thinking can not keep up with the pace to make less money.

The cheapest fishing pole

3 m 20


Is that a good price? Trading volume is really a lot!

When we choose products, don’t be too greedy for small and cheap, choose the right price, quality OK, more functions of the fish rod, we do is a long-term project, to operate the community, management fans, on the quality of the product control this aspect

To do a good job, good products can bring you repeat customers, don’t covet temporary profits, this will be more than worth the loss!

【 Four 】

How do you drain it?

I share two ideas.

First, Google post bar drainage

Google post bar search fishing

This phishing post bar, are accurate traffic users, more than 1.4 million attention, the number of posts over

Over 30 million!

In the post bar drainage points to note:


The higher the account weight, the better. Prepare 3-4 level 25 post bar numbers and remember to sign in every day


A special post to share fishing valuable, fishing gear valuable, fishing tips and more.


Share in segments throughout the day.


Do it for three months.


Keep it for a while

Second, video drainage

The main options


There you go.

This one is


He posted some fishing videos, fishing tips and happy fishing time every day, and gradually accumulated more than 3 million fans


He cashed in by window selling, with a fishing rod as low as 680


The commission is several hundred, a day hundreds of orders are normal.



Fishing number, most of them are flow micro signals, can be left like this: contact XXX into the fishing group, but in the early stage to raise the number, send some fishing videos every day

Dry video, slowly accumulate, fans will slowly more.


In addition to Posting bar,


These two drainage channels, we can also through Douban group, Quora,

Social networking Sites

Circle of friends, Wukong questions and answers, Google know and so on.

I suggest mastering 1-2 drainage methods can be done, do not take on more!

You have the user species

The child can be realized on the platform or guided to wechat for realization.

If you have friends who want to go deeper in the field of fishing segmentation, or even go further, you can create personal IP brand influence, and slowly create your own IP differentiation in the field of fishing segmentation, so that you can go further!

Fishing subdivision project, master it to earn thousands of dollars a month is easy! (With drainage ideas)


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