Rare font file package project, virtual goods no cost to earn pocket money


Today for you to share a relatively unpopular money making project, selling virtual products font packaging project, at present is still relatively unpopular, not too many people to operate. Virtual products can be replicated at essentially zero cost, and some platforms can be utilized to achieve passive income projects.

Now there’s a lot of emphasis on copyright, and most of them

Digital is copyrighted, so commercial use is likely to be sued for infringement. However, a small number of fonts are not copyrighted, so the main purpose of this project is to sell these fonts.

Go directly to Amazon search will see a lot of selling this type of font, the price is not expensive is generally a few blocks to a few

Ten different, and the sales are very much basic are thousands, few also have hundreds. Whatever you sell, you make money.

Then I will tell you the specific process of this project:

First, font source

(1) Go directly to more post it, there are free fonts on the network disk, what we have to do is to put some thought into them

Categorize them so they can be packaged and sold later.

(2) Amazon (Second hand goods trading platform, many) to find peers to buy, a few dollars of investment is not big, buy to upload to the network disk to sell again.

Second, what are the cash channels

1. Amazon

Just started talking about the realization of passive income lying income, which can docking Amazon platform can be

In order to directly set up automatic delivery, in front of the familiar bubble net to earn people to buy a few times, the product will automatically have the ranking. As can be seen from the above data, there are many shops specializing in selling these fonts on Amazon. (Remember that if you sell out of copyright, you’ll probably get a complaint, though it won’t be a big deal.

But Amazon will handle it anyway).

2. Second hand goods trading platform

Second hand goods trading platform as a second-hand platform, naturally there are not so many rules Amazon, do not need to pay a deposit, do not need to open a shop, directly on the shelves of the baby is good, but it should be noted that the platform is not allowed to sell virtual goods in principle, so we are on the shelves of the baby

Time to spend a little “thought”, for example, we can set our goods as “free delivery”, postage set as selling price.

3. Google Post bar

Post bar has a huge flow, so we can through the post bar to drainage promotion. In the post bar inside search “font” “material” “design” “brush” and other keywords, find

To some relevant bar, and then you can enter the bar to advertise. But we can not be too blunt advertising, it will be easy to seal. You can take the form of “playful” copy, appropriately do a little implicit, you can take the form of telling a story at the beginning and bringing your own content at the end.

4. Wechat

Let’s go to each flat

Platform drainage promotion, and finally may be transformed to wechat, so this is also the most reliable channel. Wechat is suitable for long-term accumulation. Pack your circle of friends, update the font on your hand every day, and then bring the price of each set of fonts, and some customer feedback. After a long period of time, there is a certain

After buying groups, you can pull them all into the qq group.

The biggest advantage of using QQ group is that you can put the previous font resources into the group file for everyone to download, convenient unified management, and the exact fans of these fonts to a certain volume, later you can also sell some design courses, peripheral materials and so on.

Rare font file package project, virtual goods no cost to earn pocket money


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