Foreign net earn: an hour of income 14 dollars, a watch video hang up money project


There are a lot of projects on the Internet, and it is the most important thing to find the one that suits you. For example, some people like to do distribution and are more suitable for promotion, or some people are good at doing we-media output content.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about projects that can make money simply by hanging up the phone. Don’t think it’s fake

In the Internet, there are a lot of projects that make money by hanging up, and there is basically no threshold for beginners.

So if you’ve been looking for a project that’s easy to get started with, you can definitely give this a try. Today I’m going to tell you how to make money from this website, and I’m going to show you several ways to make money

It’s easy to get started.

The money-making platform I will introduce to you today is There are many ways to make money on this website, such as questionnaire survey, playing games, watching videos and so on.

I’m going to share with you some of the techniques I’ve used on this site and the techniques I’ve used since

Have used some shortcuts on this website, now we first register this website bubble net earn, as long as we register first we can get 1 beauty


The reward.

In addition, if you register, you have Your Country at the bottom, choose our country, I usually choose Hong Kong or Japan,

This is related to the node I use. You can choose the corresponding country according to your node.

When we registered, we came to this page, where there are many choices, such as playing games to make money, special tasks or questionnaires, watching videos to make money and so on.

You can see this up here

It says 1 beauty


, we registered a new account to get a Mei


And as you can see here it says 6 more dollars


To 7


After that, we can withdraw the money.

Earn $7 on this platform


It’s very simple. It says 100 gold pieces equals 1 dollar


So I

You get gold for a bunch of activities like watching a video, and so does hanging up and watching a video.

Although there are many ways to make money on this website, I do not recommend you to use the questionnaire survey to make money, because it is in English and we need to translate the questions, most of which are boring and time-consuming.

In terms of revenue alone, in the time we spend on a questionnaire, we can perform several tasks of watching the video. There is no work involved in watching the video. Just open the video and hang up.

A lot of people here might be wondering, how much money does this video actually make?

Because of the video

It varies in length, but I’m going to be a little bit more conservative here, but the revenue per video is about $1 or $2


Between now and then, the video is only a few minutes long, which means we can earn 1 or 2 dollars in just a few minutes


It’s pretty good.

What you see here is that there are three on this site

The first payment method is PayPal, the second is Bitcoin, and the third is gift card. We can ignore gift card here, because most of the payment methods I recommend are PayPal.

So how do we add our own payment methods?

Let’s go to MANAGE at the top right of the site


Once inside we can see this orange sign, and we click on that sign.

Then, everyone notice, here we have to click on the above orange word to click add payment method, because this is the first time we set payment method on the website, only click the red word will appear


After clicking, we can see that there are three payment methods supported here. We just choose one. For example, if you have a PayPal account, you can fill in this one, and then click Save.

Let me show you how to make money by hanging up and watching videos

How to do that, let’s just click on the video,

And then when you come to this screen, you can scroll down and do these tasks of watching videos and making money, absolutely no problem,

Back on the page above, we see this sentence as soon as we link to Hideout’s website, when we watch videos to earn up to 200 gold

A coin is 2 dollars


You can get an extra 1 to 3 dollars


Is equivalent to doubling our automatic revenue.

Then we click here to register a Hideout account. This new website can also watch videos and make money by hanging up. The operation method is the same.

Except for the ones I mentioned above

In addition to the ways of making money, people can also make money by installing apps, or by registering accounts on some specific websites.

Of course, overseas platforms have almost the same point is promotion. All platforms have promotion commission. As long as the introducer makes money on the platform, he can get 5% of the income of the promoted person

Make money online. For example, your promotion makes $100 on the platform


Then you have 5 beauty


And it’s permanent.

Here we can use a small trick, we register, directly on the two accounts, so that the second account to the first account of the promotion link, then we directly operate the second

Account, so that the first account of the second account of the promotion commission.

The two websites mentioned above can make money purely by watching videos and hanging up. If you want to earn more and not so hard, it is still a better choice to promote to your friends.

Foreign net earn: an hour of income 14 dollars, a watch video hang up money project


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