Share 5 contrarian money making projects, low cost startup, make money as easy as water!


Recently, I came across a couple of small businesses with “unconventional” gameplay, each with a low cost startup, contrarian thinking, magic results, and interesting to share with you. Feel opened vision, increased knowledge of friends, remember to forward a support, thank you.

Case 1

50,000 dollars a day creative “Sleep seeding”


For example, from the Twitch platform, unlike other friends who “live stream sleep begging for rewards”, this young man made a new approach to live stream, “reward torture him to stay awake”.

The gameplay is simple and creative, late at night, the little brother goes to bed, and the live broadcast platform connected to the computer’s text-to-speech recognition

The system allows fans to enter the broadcast room and either type or speak (text automatically converts to voice), or pay for the “noise” set in advance to wake him up. Throughout the night, the boy was in a pattern of repeatedly falling asleep and being woken up. His eyes were dull and he had nothing to love, but he was profitable every night. It was observed that one day the boy

The reward was $8,854






), which he himself found outrageous and shocking.

The specific rewards are as follows: $4.99


Play a loud noise (train whistling/glass shattering/flies buzzing/loud electric sound, etc.); Give us 7 cents


You can just get me to

Get up and interact with the voice; $75


And you can watch his bare hands ripping. Of course, for unreasonable strange request, little brother directly ignore, go back to sleep.

Why does “torturing the anchor not to sleep” attract so much attention and reward?

1. The simple live broadcast of sleeping satisfies people’s curiosity

Many people have interpreted it, not much. But watching this one sleep, like watching a drama, what will wake you up next? How do you react? The audience’s curiosity is exploited to the extreme.

2, slightly fat and sloppy, can never go to sleep quietly, people sympathize, some users out of compensation psychology and reward.


Succeeded in stimulating the audience’s psychology of comparison, in the broadcast room, the rewards secretly compete with each other, who can order the loudest noise, can want to make surprising moves… Obviously, the rest of the studio audience would appreciate it if we busted him.

Live sleep is not rare, but such a differentiated + interesting live broadcast, domestic obviously no. After this article,


Fast hand will come out, do not believe our bet? Copy, copy can be, but don’t forget, it is the bubble net profit I provided the clue.

Case 2

Blue Ocean blind date live

As we all know, there are no more than two types of live cash, one is to sell physical products; The second is to sell knowledge and courses, but selling “dating services”, this is the first time


The protagonist of the case is a 51-year-old aunt in Northeast China. At first, she was watching others live, feel very interesting, later because of business failure, coupled with their own love of chatter, so try to do anchor in Kuaishou, positioning – three Eastern provinces “network matchmaker” broadcast room, through the Mai asked fans about the basic situation, the criteria for choosing a spouse

Etc., help fans matchmaking to find objects, and do community cash in the later period.

4 ways to cash out: 1. People who have the intention to know Lian Mai can brush a small gift (3


Around), to show sincerity. 2. Encourage fans with matchmaking needs to spend 30 dollars


Enter the “wechat group” for in-depth communication. The rule is men charge, women free

. 3, to encourage successful dating couples, late to the broadcast room brush sports cars (95


) Thank you, rolling live broadcast room popularity. 4. Hold offline matchmaking parties and charge admission fees.

Usually short video shooting 4 types of content: 1, exposure of emotional fraud; 2. Introduce the information of the target; 3. Live broadcast preview and offline gathering

A foreword; 4, post fans thank screenshots, bless the successful couples in hand.

It is not difficult to do, smooth, stable mood, cheerful personality, like to chat, named @XXX emotional hotline, prepare 4 mobile phones, one live, one play BGM, two “like” (connected to dim sum device), plus microphone, bracket, sound

Cards, background boards, etc., can be broadcast at home. The cost is no more than 10,000 dollars. The Northeast aunt in this case earns 10,000 to 30,000 dollars per month, which is simple.

Case 3

Raffle dinner

“Hand-made blind box” is not rare, but “fresh blind box” have you tried?

A fresh platform out of a seafood blind box, generally can open 18.8


/ box

Oyster products, good luck thief can be out of the value of 100


Or razor clam meat.

At present, some supermarkets also sell the blind box of vegetables, which is made of corn, lettuce, eggs, pork and other fresh dishes. The price is 15


, 25


, 35


And have the probability to offer three times the price of Wenchang chicken or beef… There is no

Several people queued up to buy the chicken, which was on the news, 15 pieces of blind box in case out of Wenchang chicken?

Not only supermarkets, but also food delivery platforms recently sold “blind box vegetables” fast food, September 9


You can buy a limited edition cup of milk tea, or more than 20 sets of two meat and one vegetable in a blind box, with random dishes and the chance to order expensive dishes.


Although the box has gambling components, but the user love to play, fresh, exciting, curious… In this “everything can be blind box” era, you can think about how to combine “existing business” with “blind box play” innovation? Here, bubble net earn I suggest that “have digestion, processing inventory” of the enterprise to get up, not much to say

You get the idea.

Case 4

Free open express service

Garbage is misplaced treasure, recycling others to throw away garbage, at the same time to provide time-saving services, can also be integrated into a new business model.

Recently, some people play like this: go to the campus gate or express outlets to set up a stall, specializing in free to help the people who have just picked up the express.

He earns 200-300 a day by recycling express packages


, as shown in the figure.

The practice is very simple, choose the peak of passenger flow (10:00-13:00, 16:00-19:00), set up a stall, prepare knives and other express tools, hang up the sign “free express”, directly open the dry.

It doesn’t cost anything.

Why would anyone need this service? 1, some people like to open the express inspection on the spot, not satisfied with the direct return in the express point, so as not to toss back and forth. 2, many sellers in order to ensure the safety of the transportation of goods, the packaging is particularly fine, foam, cardboard, tape tied tightly, generally not 5 minutes to open

Do not open, and the “replacement express service” save time and effort, neither need to hand out, nor clean the garbage, why not? 3, some people worry that the express will reveal privacy in the stall, you can prepare words in advance to guide – “I can help you open the express for free, express bill can also help you do daub treatment, you bring back

Home demolition, do not deal with the express bill is easy to cause privacy disclosure “, just Amazon a few dollars to buy a Mosaic pen or privacy smear roller seal can be, as shown in the picture.

Case 5

A cat shop that doesn’t sell cats

I’m not talking about the current hot cat cafe, but “rent a cat” service! The case pet shop is located in Chengdu 339 Shopping Center

Message: 9.9


Cat to bring home with you!

With just 10 shared cats, all aged around one year old, business has been so bad that all the cats have been rented and customers are queuing up to reserve them.

The process of renting a cat is as follows: 1. A deposit of 1200 is paid according to the breed


To tens of thousands



And so on. 2. Provide your ID card, home address and photos of your home environment. The tenant must be local to Chengdu and have no other pets at home. 3. Sign a cat rental contract. 4. The tenant must spend 200-300


Buy cat food and related supplies at the store.

The cat rental business is simple, creative and meets two needs: 1

It is cheaper to rent than to buy, which meets people’s temporary needs of low cost and periodical cat raising. 2, many people have cat needs, but once the cat bought home, can not return, in the case of not sure whether can keep a good pet, “rent a cat” is equal to “trial”, trial and error cost is lower… Well, I think it’s cool, short term

(Cat food), and have a long-term income (rent), maybe the customer raises a relationship, but also can sell at a high price, absolutely.

Share 5 contrarian money making projects, low cost startup, make money as easy as water!

Share 5 contrarian money making projects, low cost startup, make money as easy as water!


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