Daily into 500 , a novice good grasp of passive income lying to earn projects


The city regulator ordered Tencent to cancel the exclusive copyright of music online

I read this in a comment under the original blog

‘Music has been bitter for Tencent for a long time’

For people who have the habit of listening to music, there are several software just listening to music on the mobile phone, and they may not be able to find what they want, this

It’s a terrible feeling.

But the difficulties on the road obviously go beyond that.

For those of you who are interested in sound quality, downloading high-quality songs can also be a maddening process — which means you’ll need to sign up for several different apps.

Where there is a need, there will be a service, let alone an urgent need.

Based on the

This market has unearthed small projects, according to the method of this article in a few thousand per month.


The project is

Cracked music service.

Listening to music as a national demand, even the newly bought mobile phone will be loaded with APP for you, the potential user needs need not say much.

Lao Mo randomly asked several enthusiasts around him,

To sum up, the biggest pain points for existing music services are the following three aspects:

1. Copyright dispersion

2. PC download is complicated

3, open members also need to buy songs separately

There is nothing wrong with supporting the legitimate version, but the additional conditions of many service providers are a bit of a force.

Take PC to local download as an example, most

Archival sites no longer offer online downloads because of copyright, and the few sites that can download tracks are not complete.

This unnecessary step is hard for users to accept,

That’s where the hack music service comes in.

It provides two kinds of cracking services on mobile phone and computer, covering most music resources of the whole network.

Including the so-called vinyl grade:

The price is 0.99, with monthly sales of 100,000 pieces, which is obviously another demand for volume.

Looking at the data of the platform, it is not difficult to find that there are more than a few stores with sales volume of more than 10,000, which also proves from the side that this market is really big

Don’t be fooled by the price, in fact all stores

The price of the main model is basically in

Between 3.88 and 6.88.

In other words, even if you sell only 1% of your products, you can still get a few thousand dollars a month.


This kind of crack version software and other virtual projects are no different, the money is bad information, want to find free online is not difficult

But free resources are great

Most are not pure version, considering the aftermarket and dealing with the hassle of bundled software, I suggest you go directly to the peer to buy a ready-made opening.

This not only solves the problem of software follow-up update, but also can directly copy the same industry in case of after-sales difficulties.

For projects like this, where the bar is low,

Optimize customer acquisition process and increase fans

Stickiness is the key to sustainability.

On the basis of the existing store, old ink teach you two methods to increase the flow and customer unit price:

Method 1: Comment area drainage

Take NetEase Cloud as an example, you can open the APP to find the hot singer/song, which generally requires VIP members to listen to the whole song, or you need to take a single shot

Online to earn only purchase to download.

The price of NetEase Cloud membership is 13/ month, but some singles still require extra payment even for members

If you add your NetEase friends in the comment section of such songs, you can give the song’s vinyl resources for free.

As the highest open rate of the same type of APP NetEase Cloud comment area, your message

You get constant exposure, in other words, a long tail of traffic.

Add friends after giving songs to the need to transfer files on the ground to guide your wechat trumpet, in wechat this relatively closed environment you can use a higher customer price to sell.

In the face of less than ten dollars of permanent free listening price, users as long as there

A strong need to listen to music is basically not to refuse, and he gave you a whoring for nothing.

Method 2, 9.9


Paid group

Group payments can be seen as another passive revenue play.

First, establish a QQ group, upload the cracking software to the group resources, and update it regularly.

After the layout of the keywords, add the good

Friends all drainage to QQ.

Also set up an auto reply, such as 9.9


Enjoy permanent VIP music resources, long-term update do not drop the line.

After paying a unified user into the group can be

These two kinds of gameplay can not only increase the price of customers, expand the private domain traffic,

Also effectively avoid Amazon shop bad reviews and brush orders

The cost.

At the same time zero cost for new contacts sideline

A novice

It’s a friendly thing to say, but if you’re always on the fence, you might as well practice it.


The Internet is never short of projects.

Instead of chasing one tuyere after another, it is better to calm down and do a good job of service.

It’s the same old story.

Focusing on the user is more important than the project itself

Have value.

Daily into 500 , a novice good grasp of passive income lying to earn projects


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