Video promotion of small games, daily into thousands of brainless money projects


As for the game promotion industry, I think many people are familiar with it. From the previous page games and terminal games to the current mobile games and even H5 small games, almost all can’t do without promotion, and game promotion is indeed very profitable.

Where there is traffic, where is the most suitable platform for promotion, like we often in the short video flat

Taiwan to see a variety of games to promote the case, a short video on the popular, small game promotion commission directly thousands, this is just a video income.

Up to now, the game industry as a focus of the Internet entertainment field, still has an important influence, we do game promotion is also in line with the current

An entertainment environment, now want to play games is very convenient, let us no longer need a computer, no longer need Internet cafes, anytime and anywhere can play, users have become the focus of each game, so the commission will be so high.

To give you an example, on Kuai Hand, we search for “Kuai hand game partner” and

Follow this account. At the entry of task participation below, we can see that there are a lot of small games here, almost hundreds of them. As long as we attach them to the bottom of the short video, they can be promoted to gain revenue.

In so many games, some promotion time slightly longer games, a single game

The promotion of the play is a list, there are a lot of new games, these games are some simple games, such as charades, Mecha running wild, monster evolution and so on these small games, a little similar to 4399.

Here we can see that the top of the list is the old iron tie heart of this game, a single video of the collection

Profit in more than 9000 dollars, so ranked on the list, a video revenue almost broke ten thousand, so this game promotion is worth a try.

This kind of game promotion is very simple, when we use short video platform to promote, we must do content, using some funny entertainment videos

To get users to click and play a game. That’s what traditional promotions are all about.

Here can give you an idea, we set up a platform account, and then every day one or two video content output, specially to promote a game, so that bubble online earning video is easy to make popular, popular video with the game link,

The result of such a combination of explosive video is a big profit, the following and you talk about the specific operation steps of this set of gameplay.

1, the number link

Here to remind you one point, remember that an account published cross-domain content, such as I am a funny circle of friends class short video content, do not intersperse some films and television in the middle

Clip the video, the field is different as many as possible several numbers, each number is only set a bit.

Of course, because we are specialized in the promotion of the game, so the most accurate user group is also like to play games, we can also focus on the content output above the game commentary and experience, so that the general precision powder more, there will be more

A lot of people click on our promotional links, and we don’t have to do much guiding and explaining.

2. Join the guild

As we all know, there is a benefit package for entering the guild to play games. Of course, joining the guild is free, so we can also choose to join some game guilds. Compared with the pure promotion on the platform, we can

To get some extra income.

In fact, the guild is required to walk the amount, as long as the amount reached, the guild is also rewarded, these unions can find a group of Google tie bar, like some mobile games and so on, the difficulty of promoting this kind is lower.

So in the channel, we can choose a few more to do, some people download and try

We make money when you play, we make money when people top up, and in some mobile games, the guild bonus is roughly 10% of your own promotional revenue.

3. Content production

This link is also the focus of the operation of the project, the most direct way to drainage is through the content, if we do not do the content of this piece

Don’t talk about the next operation short video, so the content is very important.

Some of the landlords’ bloggers will play cards in the short video field, without showing their face, by shooting the video directly at the desktop, or by attaching a string of text to the video. See the link below to guide you to click.

The core of content production is

Fun, if we can understand why games are so popular, games are a pastime in themselves, so when we make content, whether we edit it or shoot it ourselves, we need to have fun.

If you have a high level of skill and talent in a game area, you can do it alone

Release some wonderful operations in the game every day based on the play or simply like eating chicken, intercept the wonderful clips and some commentary, which is also a method of production.

Anyway, if we want to make our videos popular and get more views on the short video platform, we need to have something special, right

To increase the entertainment of the game, only in this way can it attract users. Every video that pops can get a lot of promotion commission.

Video promotion of small games, daily into thousands of brainless money projects


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