2021 New TikTok Kuaishoushou No One Live reveal (forever)


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Recently, I have received a lot of people asking me the same question (my v is exploding every day). Can I still play without live streaming now? What’s the way out for no one to broadcast live in 2021? How to solve the problem of no one broadcasting the number (recently, many small partners have a large area of the number). I

I would like to conclude the following points:

1. The current platform live broadcast app has higher requirements on the technology and software of unattended live broadcast. (At present, we operate more than 200 mobile phones to do unmanned live broadcast, in the case of many people block the number of accounts, we are currently 0 records).

2. Some people think that no one is broadcasting by broadcasting their partner

Computer operation, very simple, no need to spend money to learn, to buy what software, feel is being cut leek. (Put yourself in the shoes of a poor person and no one can save you), how many people have been cheated by traditional sayings? Like the effort must have results? Is there no wealth, no wealth? Windfalls are for those who are prepared.


Some people are even more powerful, with a copycat software, seemingly can relay can be a click of action. But in three days, it’s gone. Others are smarter and point their phones at the real world. Audio recording for semi-unmanned live streaming (available for the first few months). And now it’s no longer a platform. Oh, and there used to be people

Draw a picture within a picture (something we did in 2017).

4. Some people don’t know the technology, but they are willing to spend more cost and longer time to try and test. Now the cost of an account is very high.

In order to make everyone better adapt to no one live play and


Store of play, in particular will be no one

Live a full set of technology a full set of software packaged into products, if you are interested, you can consult scarf: 328 45 21408


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No doubt about it, either



It’s the fast hand. The cost of an account is still very high. A guy came to me the other day. Said let me help unseal a few accounts, is also fast hand to do no live. Within a few hours, it’s all harmonious. Some of them have 80,000 followers. It’s all real name authentication. So, if you don’t understand technology, if you don’t understand operations,

There is no unmanned live streaming technology, it is better to touch less.

No one live is not only live partner operation, also is not opportunistic to make a copycat software and so on. (70% of the apps on the market are copycats of us). Why is your account always blocked, why others every day tens of thousands of commission? Why can’t you do it?


Real no one live the latest gameplay:

1. Software blocking based on unmanned live broadcast

2. Based on the rules and anti-blocking skills of playing unsupervised live broadcast (including live broadcast time, live broadcast popularity, stream diversion, live broadcast products, live card points), these are all factors affecting the effect of unsupervised live broadcast and the blocked number.

3, based on your live stream to no one

Understanding of gameplay

4, based on………………. (Too many technical problems, here is not to say more, you can scarf me; 3284 5214 08, more exchange learning)

2021 New TikTok Kuaishoushou No One Live reveal (forever)


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