What is the gift money? Is the gift money project worth doing? The test report came in


What is the gift money? Is the gift money project worth doing? The test report came in

Seems like we’re seeing gift trucks everywhere these days. 1288 charge, 2888 everywhere. What is the gift money? Is the gift money project worth doing? I’ll talk to you today! You can decide after you’ve read my analysis

Should I get in someone else’s car.

Before analyzing the project, or first to popular science what is Amoy gift money? Popular point to speak, is a Amazon customers of a marketing tool, not Amazon sellers. Tao gift money is by Amazon customers in advance to recharge into the real gold and silver, sellers have coupons to buyers, Tao customers also have Tao gift money (single product

Red envelope) to the buyer, the two can be used together, the final buyer can 0


I buy the corresponding product.

Don’t you get it? Let’s go straight to the case.

For example, the original price of commodity A on Amazon is 100


“, the merchant gave a 50 to the shopper


Coupon, and set up a 50% promotion for Amoy

Commission, what does that mean? As long as you buy goods through the link promoted by this Amoy customer, you can get 50 directly


Coupons cost 50


I can buy the product, and what does the buyer get? He earns a 50% commission of the amount you pay, which is 50*0.5=25


You get a good deal

At the same time, he made money and the store increased sales.

This is the absence of Amoy gift money, Amoy customers to make money, is also a marketing method used by businesses.

Let’s say there’s a amower named Joe, and he has 25 in this way


And then he takes another 15 out of his own commission


To the consumer (that is, Amoy gift), for the consumer is not to get more preferential strength than before. Before, consumers had to spend 50


Only 35 after you’ve used up your gift money



Tao Ke Zhang SAN commission also from the original 25


It becomes 10


. Looks like the commission went down

However, because the discount of Tao customer Zhang SAN is more powerful than that of other Tao customers, his sales volume is much higher than before, and finally he makes more money than before.

With the Amoy gift gold more and more fire, slowly on the market there are a lot of Amoy gift gold derivative play. Now you see the Amoy gift 0


Purchase items

The order is one of them. For example, the merchant product is 20


The hidden coupon for the scrounger is 15


Consumers use coupons after 5


You can buy the product, if the buyer’s commission is 5


Then Tao customer will all this commission in the form of Tao gift to the consumer, the consumer 0


I bought the original

To 5


Our products.

That a lot of babies may be curious, Amazon commission to consumers, then they also earn a wool? In fact, here is no longer a simple Amoy customer promotion, but a cooperation between businesses and Amoy customers, is also a disguised brush D. Merchants can shoot A and send B by 0


The way of

Increase the sales volume of a product, and finally according to the sales volume to settle with Amazon customers how much money a single. Instead of earning a commission on the product, Taoke earns a so-called service fee to boost sales. It’s usually 1 or 2


One order, some higher. If he sells 2,000 orders, the service charge is $2,000

-About 4,000.

For businesses, the cost is less to improve the sales of a baby, and it is still the regular way, because everyone knows that to find a professional brush to do fine S single, generally 8-10


For one order, the higher the unit price is, the higher the commission will be. Security cannot be guaranteed. If the S order is detected by TB,

Every minute to drop the right to deduct points. For amoeger, 0


It’s also easier to market and make more money. To the consumer, babes are zeros


Lu. To tell you the truth, I admire the intelligence of these people, one move Amoy gift money, three birds with one stone, three birds with one arrow.

Since consumers can zero


It’s a masturbation. It’s a good smelling wool

The party had another idea. If the number of users, it can not be free to masturbate a large number of products. And then sell the product, isn’t it real money? What should I do if I don’t have enough numbers? Buy ah, find the number business channel ah. Number is much, management is not convenient, manual limited how to do? Use software to automate the operation. There are

The software will be able to do mass, it is bound to receive packages every day. What to do? Some people even started Cainiao post, because every delivery boy put a Courier package to Cainiao post, pay 0.4-0.6


Give it to him. Let’s rate it at 0.5 per package. If there are 1,000 packages a day,

That’s 500 dollars.

Don’t they always slip a note inside the package saying “cash back on good reviews”


? If I masturbate 500 products and review each one, wouldn’t I make another $1,000?

So far, the project principle, gameplay and realization method are almost as analyzed as you. Everyone is

Not all are very moved, think this project is like picking up money, too TM easy to earn. The point is you don’t need a drain.

So now a lot of studios, or individuals, will simply package this project, and then sell it to people more than 1,000, 2,000, whatever the price. Eager for quick success

A novice

Not at all

Hesitate to pay to get on the bus. Those who package and sell items, those who sell bulk operation software, and those who sell numbers, all make a lot of money. Really didn’t earn money, in fact, or these pay to get on the bus. (Some made money, of course, but only a few. Most became cannon fodder.)

This item is not packaged

The copy is ready for everyone, if it is you, see such a copy does not move? Does your hand itch?

So what is the selling point of this project, and why so many people flock to it.

Look at this picture:

That’s easy to say! It seems like there’s no risk at all, but the easier it is, the less risk at all, people

The more you pay attention. If there is such a good thing, why does he still sell the project? He directly sets up a studio, buys dozens and hundreds of numbers, and runs it in batches with software.

I don’t have the time to buy the software and the number to test it myself in order to disprove his statement

And then I’ll write an article to show you that I was right. A pointless job that does nothing but waste my time.

Do I need to test it myself? Long before I did, there were unbelieving bigwigs who ran the tests themselves. All we have to do is read the test reports of the big boys


The feedback from the big boss is as follows: the software is also true. There are about 50 orders per day for one number. About half of the packages received are consistent with the photographed products, while the other half are some inferior products, that is, the merchants send A to B.

In response to the third selling point mentioned above, these products can be resold, sold to a

Someone in need or some small supermarket. In fact, the results of the tests are that 90% of the products are very poor quality and useless, let alone that you sell them for money or give them away for free. Just throw it in the trash. You’re 0, after all


Buy or two or three cents to masturbate, with the toe can also think of, can have what good products


In view of the second selling point above, 50 products were taken to the merchants for a circle, and the result was that only 2 products supported the cash rebate for good reviews. So 50 products realized 3


The money. The second selling point, alas, has been thoroughly overthrown.

Well, that leaves us with our first selling point — the express rebate.

This is the only project that I think

A selling point that can be put on the table. But if your volume is large enough, let’s say hundreds of packages a day, then you can talk to people. If it’s dozens of packages a day, it’s not very profitable.

These big selling points, are based on the software good, durable under the premise. If soft

The piece is not good, the son is always sealed, that is enough to do heart tired. And it costs money to buy software and phones. zfb, too, but everyone knows it’s illegal to sell zfb. I won’t say much more about it than you think about it for yourself.

At this point, the project has been thoroughly dissected.

Think about it yourself if you want to do it! The above views only represent me personally, and may be a little one-sided. Please forgive me if the interests of some people have been offended.

What is the gift money? Is the gift money project worth doing? The test report came in

What is the gift money? Is the gift money project worth doing? The test report came in


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