City traffic profiteering, the combination of online and offline money-making projects


The short video layout of the same City is one of several big platforms that have been layout projects from this year


Soon we can see the exposure and passenger flow brought by the traffic in the same city. Online traffic and offline projects in the same city are also a good direction.

Recently also found that there are many people in the operation of the city flow project, the online short video flat

The traffic of the station is guided to the offline line, and it makes money through some simple cash channels, such as offline tourism hotels, restaurant special food, real estate sales and so on, which all have good performance.

In the last two days


On the brush to a travel broadcast room, the product of the yellow car is the offline hotel reservation, originally I did not plan to go

Travel, after listening for a while, I really want to place an order, not because there is a discount in the hotel room, but because they introduce this kind of travel experience feeling very good, this is the impulse consumption online.

Like some rental agents, some of them have also started to make short videos. From the past, we didn’t know anything before looking at the house, but now we can watch him

We introduce all kinds of housing, and then contact the intermediary, as well as the sales department. The head of some local short video media and the sales office cooperate to sell, and can also get a lot of commission.

This combination of online and offline sales model has proved to be very popular at present, the reason is because of the online intuitive experience of short videos, let

We can learn a lot about a thing almost completely lying down, whereas before, if we don’t go shopping, as long as we stay at home, we can’t spend money.

Early we want to do this kind of online drainage cash, there is almost a necessary channel, is Google bidding, if you have the ability to add Google video, the use of bidding and

The advantages of video to do this kind of online drainage, but the cost is slightly higher, we all know that bidding is the need to spend money, and if we through short video drainage to the offline, content-based, high-quality content output as the guide to acquire users.

So if you have an offline project or store, dig deep

Under the


The local city number operation, every money we can think of projects, almost all need a certain amount of traffic, such as the above mentioned house purchase, and for example, the recent very popular video, mad man Zhang SAN, this I think we should brush his video.

To explain some aspects of law on the subject of law examination

Or popularize some legal content, there are some other legal consulting accounts, are to share our public around the legal knowledge mainly, these short video account drainage is to have a need for legal knowledge or want to learn to understand the legal knowledge of people.

Legal knowledge content is very much, in doing

This kind of short video, the material is very much, some content material can also be done by rubbing heat, such as this year alone in the entertainment industry out of several big melons, each one has a relationship with the law, recently there are Wu artist events, simple to do a comment on this event, this is a rubbing heat quality video


In this way, it can be diverted to the offline further transformation. The transformation channel is nothing more than legal advice, legal counsel and litigation. This project is a very good way of online drainage and offline cash.



These two years have been in the layout of the city project, even this year to do the effect or can be

As long as we can choose a good local project, after an account has the effect, we can batch to the matrix amplification, just like before


A fish in paper technology can be extended to more than 20 matrix accounts.

There are a lot of local projects in the city, not the only ones we see

Only physical shops can do such projects, such as real estate sales, car sales bubble online income, which we often brush, in addition to local dating, driving training test, legal advice, house decoration, beauty and plastic surgery, etc., can be achieved through the online access to traffic.

Above me

These are just a few of the many offline projects. Of course, if you are interested in a certain field, you can also make your own marketing and terminal.

You may not understand this. For example, I have resources or I am diverting some traffic who want to learn beauty and hairdressing technology, but I will not communicate with offline teaching institutions

Cooperation, but to do the teaching of this aspect, this is to do the market and terminal by ourselves, the advantage is that we not only master the traffic but also master the service, earn more.

Another example is the city dating project, which I think most of you have heard of. It is almost a zero-cost project, and the operation of such a project requires the integration of resources

So where are these resources and how do we get these traffic, we can use the traffic of online short video to get, of course, now everyone in the operation of this kind of project is almost the same way.

This asset-light matchmaking project requires only a small team of several people, with video operation and offline face-to-face communication capabilities

Resources are nothing more than accumulation. The more people see your resources and contacts, the more people will find us, so the more business will be more open.

So now even if the entity business, we might as well think about the transfer of traffic and access, relying on the Internet now

Exhibition situation, transformation to do local project diversion and cash, is very suitable.

If we do not have so much strength offline, we can also cooperate with some offline businesses. We are responsible for the drainage of the front end, and they do the cash of the back end. If you want to determine an industry, you may as well test the flow and then choose cooperation.

City traffic profiteering, the combination of online and offline money-making projects


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