Two information difference profiteering projects, empty hand set white Wolf money sideline


The most profitable business in this society is the business with no capital. The project of empty-handed white Wolf is the most profitable and the most cost free. What is sold is profit.

In fact, it is a set of solutions and a traffic platform, these can be met

Yes, when we are doing projects, most of us are looking for traffic, and with traffic, there is more possibility to integrate.

For example, the popular short video field, such as PS design class, old photo restoration, special effects video, psychological counseling and so on, are mostly realized in this way.


If you want to do design training, keep sending out great designs in your work


Element or material, so as to be diverted to the attention of users with the same hobby, so that you can indeed receive part of the order.

Of course, we don’t need to do anything to get these orders. Here are two more examples to show you how to do it

To do this kind of project resource integration, because a lot of novices are actually relatively new to these content.

If you want to sell products, there is no way to provide services. You can only integrate resources and transfer the needs of customers to other professional service providers, and we only do a simple link.

Like old photo restoration,

This project has been going back and forth for several years, but there are still people doing it this year, and some people are playing this project. It is false to say that it does not make money, and there are several channels to make money.

For example, rely on poor information to direct users to make money, this is relatively simple, in the short video platform above the release of some old photos repair

Cases, and then led to some users with a sense of payment after the order, the order in the platform to find professional repair personnel.

Generally, we only connect with two platforms for the restoration of such old photos. The first is Google bidding on the search engine, because the general technology of the restoration of old photos on Google bidding is OK, after we increase the price

Then we sell this service to users. The second is an e-commerce platform based on a certain treasure. We can find shops for photo restoration on the e-commerce platform, negotiate a price for batch cooperation, and then send the photos our customers need to repair to others here.

This is specialized in exploiting the information gap

Method, of course, if you can repair your own old photos is the best, I have a set of old photos here repair video tutorial, if necessary, contact bubble net earn wechat for.

If there is no such technology and you just need to connect resources to make money, then if you learn how to restore old photos, you can master this skill

The art, not only to earn the middle difference so little, there will be more space for development.

Another project is the customization of the avatar, especially now people are generally fond of the cartoon avatar, so this cartoon avatar is very suitable for our entrepreneurship of another resource integration project.

You know, you do these kinds of projects

, need to use such as PS, hand-painted board right, then the hand-painted board is not anyone can be competent, need a certain art basis, for most beginners is a threshold.

But the threshold also often represents the opportunity, there is a threshold must be someone in need, if from the beginning to the end is completely there is no threshold

Well, the project itself is hardly profiteering.

In fact, we often see no supply, and this gameplay is basically similar, in a treasure above the no supply store, in fact, there are no goods, just take the user’s money to help users buy low-price products, so as to earn the difference.

There are many items that include products

Therefore, there is a lot of money to be made in this society by using the game of “white Wolf” with empty hands. Some time ago, I introduced the use of short videos for second-hand luxury goods

In fact, this is also a kind of gameplay just emerged in the past two years.

With the continuous surge of traffic, these video platforms have successfully become the sales ground of second-hand luxury goods. If we do not have the supply of goods, we should directly contact some small offline ones who do not understand the operation of short video live broadcasting or are unable to do it, and take their

Luxury goods gather for a sale.

As we all know, if you want to sell goods, first of all, your extravagance should be big, your strength should be enough, if you are selling second-hand luxury bags, only four or five bags how to sell, you need to do is to put a lot of luxury second-hand bags to show a face, and then introduce the sale one by one.

At present, there are a lot of second-hand goods we see in the broadcast room, all belong to a consignment, that is, the asking price is high, the shop is not willing to accept directly, but you can consignment, sell part of the shop commission, which is in fact a kind of empty hand gloves.

So the most powerful here is not the product, nor the platform, but we do resource integration

The ability of integration, you can integrate into the product, even if it is very small, integration will make money, integration can not be integrated before and after the platform to get through.

Two information difference profiteering projects, empty hand set white Wolf money sideline


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