Monthly income of 5000 can be long-term deep cultivation side project – software we media


In the era of the Internet of everything, people have long been integrated with the Internet, work and study can not be separated from the operation of the network, and can always encounter difficult problems, only need some software can easily solve.

This has spawned a demand for a subsector – software we media


Abandon Google web disk and thunder download speed too slow?

With the ID

M with the parsing tool, can download without speed limit, super cool.

Want to do matting, but don’t know Photoshop technology?

With AI Matting software, complete matting in 3 seconds.

The picture is too small and blurry. Want to enlarge it and keep it sharp?

Use AI image magnification software with detail restoration and color compensation for maximum clarity


Of all kinds of dark tech, there’s got to be one you can use.


The establishment of the media can choose the public number, the public number a lot of good operation.

1. Register wechat and subscribe to the public account

Many people think that the process of building a public number is very complicated, in fact, it is no different from registering other apps. Google search the public number and enter the official website

Click Register Now to follow the normal steps.

Individuals choose the subscription number, and then according to the official guidelines for normal registration.

2. Find resources

I talk about all these in the community, here to share a few channels to find software:

1. I love cracking forums

2, peer public number

A man of this kind

What is on the number, you can directly carry what, is also the simplest method, peer is the best teacher.

3. Quora

4. All kinds of resource websites

3. About realization

There are still many ways to realize the resource station. The following are several ways to share. You can diverge your thoughts.

1. Open the traffic master

This is also a close

In the public number the simplest way to cash out, as long as the full 500 fans can be opened. Every time someone clicks on an article to see an AD, the traffic master is paid a commission.

2. Answer advertisements

When the public number of fans to a certain extent, there will be a lot of businesses will take the initiative to seek cooperation with you, you help him advertising charge advertising

The fee, the fee is in the hundreds


To a few thousand


Not equal. Each reading volume is about 0.5-1


Interval, the reading volume of software class is generally very high, after a few ads can also earn 1 million a month.

3. Establish fan groups, connect with group Maimai, Taoke, software cps, etc

Fans can be diverted to the private domain traffic, do takeaway cp

Methods such as s can earn at least 6000 per month


The above commission, and the simplest way to maintain the group is to distribute the cracked version of the software to the group, or send some takeout coupons.

4. Sideline training

This resource site is much easier to operate than other side projects and does not require anything else

The investment, the track is long enough and cumulative, long-term stable income, a person charges 298, there must be a lot of people want to learn packaging.


The above mentioned is the process of building and audio realization, some people must realize that there is one of the most important link missing, that is the drainage.

Software diversion here


If compared to

Other types of fans are easy.

For example, I need to drainage this public number is network create powder, compared to software fans is much more difficult.

Because software “we media” can be said to be mindless operation from beginning to end.

There are three main types of drainage: article, video and audio.

Software resource diversion audio base

I don’t need it. It’s mostly graphics and video.

1. Graphic drainage

One of the reasons it’s simple — you just need to be able to copy and paste.

Instead of creating original content, you only need to be proficient at ctrl c and ctrl v to create graphic content, so

Anyone can do it. It doesn’t require any skill.

You just need to take a few screenshots of the software, and then explain the function of the software, mass release to various platforms, you can passive fan.

Really will not write to see how peers are written, his content is basically the expression of the software function, you put his east

West pseudo original “copy homework” over, is your own original content.

You should write what others write, and you should recommend whatever software others recommend, since the features and software are open and free.

Take Quora as an example:

2. Video drainage

The easiest way to do this is to put the text

To convert to video, use the software clips can automatically help you convert, you just need to peer articles directly over to convert it.

Or you can show up in person and talk about the app on a teleprompter. It doesn’t matter if it’s beautiful or ugly, because people want the app.

People are very interested in entertainment

Laugh and so on May laugh away, but for this kind of practical content, the amount of collection and reading is still very high, so the powder is particularly fast.

The key is that when you upload enough content, it will form a passive diversion, when others search for the corresponding keywords, it will be easier to find you, traffic bubble net profit will be

It accumulates over time.

That is to say, this project, from beginning to end can be said to have no difficulties, nothing more than a cycle to do porters, after the whole platform to send content, the only difficulty is persistence and patience.

An attractive cover and title, in the download link as bait to divert to the public account real

Now the powder can be cashed out.

The above is the dismantling of the project, anyone can operate and is a long-term stable project, but really do need to take action!

Monthly income of 5000  can be long-term deep cultivation side project – software we media


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