Friendly quick ride money project, virtual template into one hundred thousand a year


We have been talking a lot about the actual case analysis of online money-making projects, but rarely talk about the platform, there are also a lot of platform money-making projects, such as part-time task platform, wool platform and so on.

Most of them are regular platforms, and as long as we can precipitate on them for a while,

Basically can make money, like Zhu Bajie Wei guest network, as long as we open a shop on the platform to take orders.

And today I want to introduce this website is friendly Suizhu, it is a platform about a series of knowledge about the site, as long as there is a service demand for the site, you can find some solutions here.

And the platform is Tencent station service providers, relatively stable.

We have introduced some projects about theme sale and template source code sale before. In fact, there are many online projects. For example, the saas platform we are talking about today supports the third party to settle in and sell some of the resources of the site.

Like the saa of this station service

The s platform basically includes some software and hardware sales. The project we are going to talk about today is based on such services.

When we enter the official website, we can see this friendly speed ride. There are almost 10,000 platforms it has served, and there are a lot of big-name partners and platform quality

The amount is very high. Through the webmaster search tool, we can also see that the keywords are related to the construction of the site, such as cross-border e-commerce, distribution and so on.

The website itself is divided into product, application market, industry program and other major areas, we enter the classification column can see some more important columns, like the theme template camp

Marketing, distribution system building, domain name registration services, cross-border e-commerce, brand design and many more.

How can we monetize Friendly Couriers, or in other words, what’s the right project for us?

In fact, there are only a few services that need to be paid on this platform

Analyze it, because most of it is in the classified section of the website.

Paid template

This pay template I think we are very clear, based on a friendly platform can be programmed theme engine, the development of a new website theme, and this theme, after the review is can be put on the platform of the theme market

From the inside.

The developers of the theme design a new paid template and then upload it to the platform. If someone wants to obtain our template, they need to pay us to download it. We can set the price by ourselves, of course, we can also buy the right to use our template, which is equivalent to leasing.

Paid application plug-ins

Based on friendly speed ride

A new or existing application plug-in that is open to the platform, after review, can be released to a friendly app market for users to call.

How do we sell theme templates or plug-ins on the platform of Friendly Suitao?

Here we can apply to be one of the partners of Friendly Speedride,

After we have created this template, we can click “Cooperate” in the top menu bar and click “Join Now” to apply for becoming a partner.

After submitting the design, the platform will automatically enter a review process. After completing the review, it will enter a theme development, and finally the merchant theme marketplace, which

His users can buy directly, and finally the platform will give you settlement.

Apart from some of the platform’s own share, the rest will go directly to our own account, of course, except for theme templates, like the application plug-in is a step like this.

Target group

One project is not for everyone, especially this one

A kind of theme template development project, professional and technical strong, like computer, IT practitioners or UI designers are more suitable to do this kind of project.

If you are an entrepreneur, it is best to be a professional in this industry, if you know nothing about technology, you want to do nothing, there are two

There are two methods to choose from.

Before I talked about a foreign part-time task website to make money, there are a lot of theme design tasks, we received the task in the domestic platform to do abroad, so back and forth to make money, or directly spend money to find someone to customize a set of friendly speed on the sale.

In fact, the theme

There are a lot of template cases, and this platform also has a lot of free themes. We can know the general price trend of this industry template by searching cases, and we can refer to some theme pricing that has been sold.

To make money, there are two steps. The first is a direct buyout, a one-time purchase

The right to use the product, more worry and convenient management, but also can use the monthly way to sell the right to use, a lot of templates have the form of monthly rent, and monthly rent, more can go.

In fact, we look back at the friendly fast ride this platform, and some other website services platform is basically similar, is the platform since

Bring in traffic and then sell some product or service to make a profit.

The platform itself is just an aggregation site, which will develop some profitable columns for us to provide various resources. We are complementary to the platform. The platform needs an endless stream of original designs to retain users, and we need large traffic pool sales to carry out

The principle of commission sharing is always the same.

Friendly quick ride money project, virtual template into one hundred thousand a year


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