Low cost resources to make money project, novice can also earn 5000 dollars a month


A simple sideline project to make money is essentially to buy at a low price and sell at a high price. Such money-making methods with poor information can be found everywhere on the Internet.

For many new friends, the biggest difficulty of this project has two points, the first is don’t know how

Like to find such a high price difference of poor information products, the second is do not know how to zero cost to do their own marketing.

I’ve talked about a lot of monetization of virtual goods in the past, and most of them are zero cost, because virtual goods themselves are very reproducible, as long as we can low cost volume

Good ones, like this virtual snack tutorial that I’m going to talk to you about today.

Now the media platform of short video has penetrated into thousands of households. In your spare time, your favorite may be watching video. Have you ever watched a lot of food, cooking videos and teaching, such as in summer

Crayfish. This is a big hit.

On the surface, these are selfless to share the tutorial, but there is a part of the main guide, like street food stalls, there are a lot of stalls in the live broadcast, most of the purpose of these new network red food is to join the investment, we do not look down on these food

Small street stalls can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars a day alone. Some of them even earn more than white-collar workers in first-tier cities, but they work harder.

That so profiteer snack technology, do you want to join me, want to join, learn from me, so these two years almost all snack technology

Begin to recruit students, even out of the training course of snacks, whether authentic or not, unification is authentic.

Like this snack technical training, snack formula and so on the online very much, we should also see a treasure above there are a lot of shops to sell these, and some offline training compared with the cost performance is very high

Because the price is cheaper.

We know one of our product positioning and corresponding user groups, then how to do such a project, I will follow the steps to explain to you.

Find a Product

The first thing we need to do to sell goods is to have goods in hand, so collecting these virtual snack training tutorials is the first step we need to do, this

We can find a lot of them on the Internet.

In a treasure search, a few dollars to dozens of hundreds of tutorials have, this we have no need to buy more expensive snack tutorial, after all, in the eyes of outsiders, your ten dollars and one hundred dollars tutorial gap is not large, so the price is high does not mean good, we can

In a shop to collect a lot of resources, many shops are buy one get one free set.

So we are not worried about the product problem, but here is a key point, we need to learn about some popular food snacks online recently, such as barbecued crayfish in summer, nourishing mutton soup in winter, think of these seasonal food

There should be a tutorial, in addition to the recent hot Internet, such as fried yogurt, egg yolk shrimp slices and so on these delicacies.

Get a drain

After the product, you can carry out packaging positioning, of course, the purpose of doing so is to drainage, drainage channels have many kinds, here I simply introduce several commonly used drainage.

The first

First of course is the cloud disk drainage, we can collect their own snacks resources stored in the cloud disk, and then share out a few high value of the tutorial, with our contact information, to play a passive drainage way.

Second, for now, the short video field is an excellent platform for diversion, we can

A lot of things to do on this platform, and a lot of the mainstream diversion now comes from here, because video presentation is much more graphic and three-dimensional than text.

We can focus on a food, and then go to the street or bubble net to find such businesses to cooperate, shoot more food works, in fact, food this

, itself has a very high open rate, especially some late night poison food is even more so.

We can constantly output such video content, of course, mainly original, now there is no unified standard for people’s aesthetic, no matter what you do, some people will like it or not, as long as you are satisfied with it, right

There are almost perfect videos.

That on the basis of short video, we continue to output content, and people continue to be drainage, in the yellow car with goods, drainage to the private domain traffic can also be realized, of course, can also be offline, do offline, the general customer price is relatively high.

Make a private domain

Did we just talk about how to make a short video

Above drainage, drainage to the yellow car shopping, which is a way of cash, there are other such as drainage to our personal wechat, the private domain traffic stored.

In fact, you may find that the barriers to entry for this project are very low, it’s very easy to find resources, you can find a lot of them on the Internet,

In addition, the drainage is basically passive, as long as the hook will be left to drain.

There are several reasons for choosing online celebrity food tutorials in many virtual projects. One is that food is the priority of the people, and food is almost impossible for everyone to refuse, and the audience is very large. The other is because of the push wave of short videos

Help, let us see the potential of network red food business, many people want to engage in network red food to start a business, so the market is very large, it is easy to make money.

Low cost resources to make money project, novice can also earn 5000 dollars a month


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