Zero threshold to make money small side business, easy to do novice projects


As we all know, video and audio media have been very popular in the past two years. Numerous Internet celebrity IP’s have been born on various online “we media” platforms. Some of these people make money by live broadcasting, and some occupy a place on the platform by output content.

As long as it survives, it basically has a good revenue stream, the platform itself

Volume is one reason, and the other has to do with this way of getting content out, so if you can get on camera, you can go deep into short video, and if you want to go behind the scenes, you can do video or audio.

And the other day I shared an issue about


No one broadcasted Lao Liang’s storyteller live

The case project of frequency can be operated with low threshold completely. So can the audio project I share with you today.

The people who really make a lot of money are unknown, so the project I’m going to share with you today is a cliche, is audio monetisation, with only one or two platforms, using

Content to make money and win.

Why choose audio, here I think first of all audio has no technical content, big guy and

A novice

At the same time, it is the same starting point, not relying on any technology and experience. Secondly, the audio is not visible, suitable for most friends who are willing to hide behind the scenes.

So, as I mentioned before, if you

If you want to do something, first of all, figure out the market prospect of this project. There is no need to say more about this. The market prospect of audio is very large, and many people like to rest with audio

Demand content, can be more attractive to users.

Here I am not going to tell you what kind of field you must do, such as strange stories or legends, or telling stories, because there are many fields in the audio for us to choose bubble online, such as historical novels, traditional culture, small languages, hearts

Management counseling, etc., is a good choice, each piece of material content, can do private domain traffic.

Ok, so when we operate such a project, we should first do a good job at the back end of the preparation work, prepare for us to store fans of the platform, that is, the subscription number of the public number, is to wait for our platform’s self-media

After the body up, can ring powder to the platform of the public number.

Of course, as I have mentioned before in the field of selection, it is not only required to be easy to do, but also to have market demand, users like, and people are generally willing to content, such as novels, historical observations and so on. Fictional novel stories are very important in the field of audiobooks

There is a market, there are relatively easy to find such content material, that is very suitable for us to do.

If we have the specialty of small languages, we can open a small language teaching field in the field of audio. Free and pure sharing is enough. This way of relying on pure content output is the best.

So let’s pick a field, in

In the early stage, we can try to record some audio. Here, we should pay attention to the fact that when we release some audio, we need to add some appropriate keywords in the title and label. On the one hand, it is conducive to our health of account weight, on the other hand, it is conducive to our content collection.


Know when doing the website is need to do SEO optimization, that is, the title and tag keywords, because the website is in the search engine to obtain users, the platform, the search of these audio platforms have the same principle of SEO, so we want to make their work faster to the front, the optimization of the title

You have to do it.

In fact, every audio platform has a support plan, because everyone needs original and high-quality content, if you want to insist on operating a platform, it depends on which platform to give the high income, but most of the we-media authors are basically issued by the whole platform, a work produced can be released

Spread to the whole net.

So sometimes you see a work in several platforms feel very familiar, it is probably a person’s work, just on other platforms under a different name to continue.

The last step is audio processing. How to record audio seems to be extremely difficult for beginners

Because you don’t understand it at all, here I suggest you to buy a set of microphones, one or two hundred quality, as long as it is to improve the voice of the electric voice, and then the recitation material.

After recording a piece of audio, edit or add some background music, if you record yourself

If not, we can also search for the relevant recording service from a treasure. After we learn in the later stage, we can record by ourselves, because the cost is still relatively high for someone to record, and it is normal to charge hundreds of audio fees.

If your own voice is naturally suited to recording, try it

Find a treasure above the business cooperation, they accept the order, you are responsible for the content, this is also a way to cash, because we do not need to consider the flow of the problem.

Novice business to make money online project, the biggest difficulty is not the product, nor the operation method, but the flow, no flow all the project profit

It is nonsense. Therefore, depending on these “we media” platforms, we don’t need to worry about the traffic problem at all. We just need to do a good job of deeply cultivating the content, optimizing the content, and making money will become natural.

Zero threshold to make money small side business, easy to do novice projects


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