Cold line money sideline, profiteering information poor small projects


Do any project on the Internet, three points are the most important, product, flow, transformation, these three points are also the core of a successful project, whether it is the tuyere or poor information, as long as you grasp, there will be a good income.

So when you’re doing projects online, you have to follow these three things, so I’m going to

To share with you this project is a friend currently measured a profiteer on the line of information poor play, revenue is still good, the following and you specific from the above three aspects to analyze the specific play.

Channel of product

I’m going to tell you about a product that can make a lot of money. First of all, it has to

With certain characteristics, such as low cost, high profit, can be operated in bulk, and has formed a certain market.

What I want to share with you is second-hand books, which have a certain market and can be done both online and offline. Although the popularity of new media and the increasingly novel video media, the value of second-hand books is not as good as that of second-hand books

Increasing day by day, even once there was a trend of price increases, for some books about to go out of print prices are too high to be outrageous, so do this kind of second-hand book market prospects are very good.

Since we want to resell these second-hand books, we must first find a few second-hand books in the market, this is not empty handed, there is no certain books, want to make money

Is very laborious, then such access is very important.

Quantity purchase, but must pay attention to the second-hand books of a complete degree.

This is just like when we sell second-hand goods, even if the brand is too old and too bad, no one is willing to pay for it, so we must screen this, not those with bad appearance.

There are also some well-known platforms that specialize in used books than

Such as Confucius old book network, here we can also find a lot of second-hand old books, there are also a lot of pirated books, the price is high and low, we should carry out a certain consultation in advance.

Method of customer acquisition

When we have a batch of used books, all that’s left is to get rid of them in a timely manner, and then

After that, the acquisition of traffic becomes very important to us.

From the form of traffic acquisition, I divide it into online and offline, and from the specific transformation mode, it can be divided into active transaction and passive transaction. Of course, the main face here is platform and individual.

Everyone knows that many books are flat

The station is willing to recycle these used books, so if we sell in this way, the second-hand platform to recycle our books in bulk, in the middle to earn a small price difference, this is also a method.

If you want to do private business, you can refer to these second-hand platforms such as sightseeing, Second hand goods trading platform, and sell books on a single basis, so that the profit of a single book

For example, these platforms will also help us organize and analyze some of the best-selling books, which is conducive to our selection of products.

Another active platform on wechat is Weipai Tang. This is a second-hand goods auction platform, I have also bought a few items in the micro auction hall, flowers, birds, fish and insects, jade play

There are a lot of them, and of course old books can be sold.

But in the micro shoot room above selling old books, for the quality and reputation of the old books is relatively sophisticated, it is best to have a little visibility of the old books, so conducive to publicity, if your books are not high heat, but also fill in the insurance price, otherwise less people, may be lower than

Your cost price has been auctioned off. In short, there are a lot of patterns in the micro-photography hall.

In addition, like some old book platforms, old book street, squirrels send books and so on, you can also go to experience, each platform in different ways, some through integral cash, such as 100


Recycle the books to the platform and give 50

Integral plus 50


Cash, this credit can be earned on the bubble net to buy the equivalent of other books on the platform.

As long as we can receive some slightly famous books on some platforms, there will be transformation, but here we must understand a truth, like second-hand platforms, when we launch some old books

Hou, can be more practical or literary, that in the auction platform, try to launch some quality and depth of books, different platforms, have their own different audience groups.

So here are two good marketing strategies to show you how to sell your books quickly,

Is to pay attention to the method, the first is the low price road.

This a lot of people may not understand, that before have studied Second hand goods trading platform free to earn postage friends should know, a commodity free, but postage 12


Right? Take our old books. As long as it’s cheap, we can do it that way. Don’t

People see the low price of books and want to pay the impulse.

The second is the book delivery activity with a higher price, which is similar to Meituan’s takeout. We order one takeaway and then add one more


You can get an egg or a cup of mung bean tea, which is applied to the book, the price can get a blind box book, the customer at this time not only have an account

Cheap psychology, but also a sense of experience and a sense of substitution, in fact, are wool out of the sheep, but the gameplay is different.

In fact, the most important core operation of this project is the identification of old books. Many people think that the flow is important, but in fact the selection of books is more important. Just like selling clothes, why do some people sell them

Well, just because you have a good eye, people like the clothes.

Cold line money sideline, profiteering information poor small projects


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