Toutiao money project: practical operation for 20 days, simple and stable, single day into 300 gameplay


This article will share the gameplay of Toutiao project in detail.

At present, the content we do is mainly video, supplemented by micro headlines.

It has been done for 20 days until today and distributed on Toutiao and Baijia.

The daily revenue of order number headlines is about 200, 100 orders are about 100, and the total daily revenue of order number is 300 left

On the right.

In the future, we’ll focus on headline videos for three reasons:

First, the video is more stable, small competition, large flow, long tail income is very considerable

Second, we are good at making videos, which can be distributed and get revenue from multiple platforms

Third, the video output is high, easy to copy, in the long run more commercial value

Today we share from 0 to day

Into the 300 headline video live gameplay.


Currently, there are three main types of headline video gameplay on the market:

One is pure handling, foreign website handling

The second is handling and editing, pseudo-original

Three is pure original gameplay

Pure original gameplay is the first choice if you want to bring long-term revenue through this project.


We’re mainly doing that right now

Pure original video in the field of current politics and history.

There are four recommended areas of operation (to get the standard account at the end of the text) :

Current politics, history, business knowledge, people, biographical science, technology and culture

Why do you recommend these four categories?

First, these four categories are rich in content, sustainable in creation and easy to hit

Second, the audience

More groups, strong fan stickiness, fast rise of fans

Third, the video price is high, can be copied in bulk

Also, with the Tokyo Olympics coming up next month, it’s a good time to start a sports section on watermelon videos.

This kind of content does not require a real person to be on camera at all, pure clip gameplay with real people

Broadcast or software dubbing can be done.


In order to continue to create high quality content, in addition to the above mentioned topics, more important is the copywriting and materials.

We acquire copy and material in the following ways:

1 Watermelon video fellow creator

Early on, if you want to quickly make a mark in an unfamiliar area,

The most

The easy way is to imitate

1) First find the top 20 big V’s in the same field

2) Find 100,000 million viral videos

3) Extract the copy in the video

4) Copywriting adaptation

2. Quora issues in the same field Gao Zan plate

One thing to note: When selecting topics on Quora, we should choose content with novelty seeking properties relative to the title party


3 Material Collection

1) Watch videos

2) Central video Weibo official website

3) NetEase Video

4) Photo network

5) Film and television websites

You need to use the material website and the analysis of the download site at the end of the text.


Video creation

1. Live action

A Mobile terminal editing process:

1) Write the copy

Import teleprompter, recommended software – Light shake

2) Mobile phone recording, real person explanation

3) Cut film clips and generate subtitles

B Computer-side editing process:

1) The mobile phone or camera records the video, and the file is transferred to the computer

2) Use Arctime Pro, NetEase or Xiefei to match characters

The tent

3) Import the video and subtitle files into PR for editing

Or do the whole process with clipping (pr is recommended)

2. Clip Gameplay

1) The copywriting into voice, recommend the magic sound studio, many film and television interpretation of the big V is used by this software, powerful, can generate subtitles at the same time (paid software,

50 a month)

2) Import subtitles and voice into pr, and add video clips according to the content of the copy

For example:

Copywriter: To the United States


It’s a foregone conclusion

Video: Go to good video search for beauty


, and then parse the downloaded video to capture the required footage

3) Cut out the original watermark and subtitles of the video, and each shot should not exceed 5

Second, mirror all lenses.

3 Video Cover

Recommended tools: Maker post, draft design

Our editing process is the simplest and most efficient, both on mobile and computer, and the videos are in high definition.

The details of video recording and editing can’t be explained in words and are easy,

Do what you want to do


Search for tutorials on how to do this.


Gameplay skills and matters needing attention

1, the first choice of original video, the second choice of micro headlines

2, the title determines the click-through rate, method: directly change the title of the peer

3, the cover must use text to highlight the key points, can be appropriate to exaggerate

4. Video

The longer the interval is, the higher the unit price is. Our current bubble net earning video is about 3 minutes, the unit price is 1-3


Currently, we are testing 10-minute long videos. The unit price of accounts in the same field is 4-5 times that of ours, and the revenue of a single video is 2000

Write at the end:

This is the whole process of how we operate this project, this project

Too simple indeed.

We have never been in contact with such a project before, but after studying our peers, we made profits on the second day when we started the operation. On the seventh day, we achieved 370. Now we are stable every day, and the video a week ago continues to bring us profits.

Now there are teams doing similar videos that have done single video

Revenue of 2000 , daily change, monthly revenue of order number 6w .

Do not pursue too many skills in this project, let alone take shortcuts, slowly trial and error, optimization. Form suitable for their own standard operating procedures, step by step, early monthly income of 5w.

Toutiao money project: practical operation for 20 days, simple and stable, single day into 300  gameplay


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