Share a picture to make money project, a mobile phone to take photos to earn dollars, easy money


Many people do online money-making projects, will encounter a lot of short, short duration, income is very little, do the project must choose long-term passive income projects.

Today I will tell you about this picture money project is a long-term project, more suitable for us as a part-time sideline, and only one

Mobile phones are easy money.

The platform I want to share with you is foap, which is a company specializing in providing photo materials. We make money by selling pictures on this platform. The amount of pictures you sell on this platform is divided 50-50 with the platform, for example, you sell 10

The picture of the dollar, you can get 5 dollars yourself.

It’s actually very easy to make money on foap, so let me give you an example, and I think you’ll get the idea right away.

First of all, let’s open the foap website. The interface is very simple. Let’s have a look at the images on this platform

The first thing to figure out is what types of images are popular on the platform. These are the ones that sell well:

Like the picture of this kind of food, this picture costs 10 dollars, and it is not difficult to take this photo. Compared with our usual likes to take pictures before eating, this is really nothing, right?


Take some time every day to take three or four good quality put on, there are more than 1000 photos a year, accumulated so many photos, the coverage is relatively wide, want to sell pictures to make money is very easy.

A virtual product like a picture can be sold for an unlimited number of times, and zero cost is no exaggeration, which

As long as a project accumulates, it must be a sustainable income.

Now let me tell you the operation steps of this project in detail.

1. Registration

First, we open the official website and click sing up in the upper right corner

After entering the new interface, we choose to register as creator, lose here

You go to your email and you can start signing up, or you can link your facebook account if you have one,

When we get to this point, it shows that we have successfully registered. After the web version registration, foap will send you an email to confirm the registration, and we will activate the one in the email

Just use this new account.

Foap is not only a web version of the platform, but also a mobile version of the APP can be downloaded, both on Apple and Android. The biggest advantage of this APP is that domestic users can use it without building nodes.

Let’s log in on our phones.

Two, take pictures

Before you take a picture

We need to supplement some materials, and then we can upload or take photos.

Before uploading and selling your photos, you need to pass some basic review, such as the definition of the photos should not be too low, the size of the photos should not be too small, the photos should not involve racial discrimination, violence, etc

Content, and most importantly, no face in the photo, so be careful about that.

At that point, you can start uploading pictures. The first pictures will be randomly sent out by the platform. If someone sees your pictures and likes them, they can be sold if they get an average of 2.5 stars

After the pictures can be sold directly.

So when we upload pictures, in order to sell them better, we need to add some tags to the pictures. For example, in this picture of flowers, we need to add flowers, which is conducive for others to search our pictures.

Of course, these can refer to the platform

Other photos of the same type, see how they’re tagged. A photo should have about 5 tags, and remember that all photos should not include portraits.

In the lower right corner, we can see the picture we have uploaded.

3. Make Money

Making money on this platform isn’t just about taking pictures and Posting them,

Let me explain it to you in detail.

The first is to make money by doing tasks. There are many tasks on this platform. We open the button of the rocket below, and there are a lot of tasks inside


The task, novice can learn first

Platform operation play again.

The second way is to sell photos directly. The platform usually sells photos for $10. If someone buys the photos, you can share the money directly with the platform.

The third is invitation, inviting users to join the platform to make money, if you invite users, they sell a picture, you as the inviter

I get a 10% dividend.

The fourth kind is especially suitable for the friends who are not born to take photos. You only need to do a classification task to make money, that is, the album manager of the platform. For the photos you like, you can add them to the album

You can get an additional commission of $0.25 per photo.

0.25 May not seem like a lot, but if you share a lot of albums, it can be a lot of money.

Iv. Collection

In our APP, you can see that Foap Coins is one of our revenue, the photos you sold

The film, the profit will be sent here.

We can exchange Foap Coins into dollars by clicking on them. We can also purchase Foap Coins, similar to paid promotion on our domestic platform.

If you want to withdraw money, just use paypal to collect it. Sign up for paypal yourself.

This is flat

Taiwan is relatively simple, as long as you are willing to spend some time to do, you can earn dollars on it, this is easier than many domestic platforms to make money, because foreigners attach great importance to the original, but also willing to pay for the original.

Share a picture to make money project, a mobile phone to take photos to earn dollars, easy money


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