Zero threshold profiteering projects, a single hundreds of sideline


I know a lot of people want to do some projects that make a lot of money, but a lot of projects are not gratuitous profits, they need a certain amount of accumulation, and some seemingly profitable projects do not have very good staying power.

In general, we know that the competitiveness is small or small

Less known projects make more money, and that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

In the current Internet environment, the word “light entrepreneurship” is more and more popular. It is not the investment store in the traditional sense, which is called entrepreneurship. In fact, it is also entrepreneurial to do some projects at low cost on the Internet

One, even more likely.

The project I want to share with you today may not be accessible to many people. Of course, its users are also very extensive, that is, the paper review, like some college students, students who have not been to university, do not know that there is this business, the market decision needs


It is just so to tell the project, we can hardly imagine how much profit, then we have to talk about this project from several dimensions, first we look for a project, the most basic is to see whether the project has been paid to advertise, if there is a vote, it is 100% proof that it is profitable.

At best

Degree search paper check, can see a lot of this kind of bidding advertising, we all know that the advertising of each click is charged, almost every day to burn a lot of money, in addition to explain the project profiteer, also explain what, paper check is a very suitable for online to do the project, because it does not save

In the geographical restrictions, everything is done using the Internet, and there are very few physical stores.

When you go online and you want to ask for some kind of help, basically what do you do? You do a search, right? You do a search for lease contracts and so on, and by doing a keyword search, we can basically find,

So figure out such a project and the source of customers, there will be a lot of people in the bidding above the money for advertising.

Then there is another channel that can help us quickly find a profitable project place is hot search, why the restaurant in Anhui recently gathered so many Internet celebrities, is because of this hotel it

Hot search, on the hot search, someone to steal traffic.

That we usually see some hot news on the Internet, there are also some very good entrepreneurial projects, such as paper review has been on the hot search, it is still very important, of course, it has its own specific audience.

With the quality requirements of the paper

More and more high, the paper review price is also rising, we can go to Amazon such an e-commerce platform to see, this kind of purely virtual services, and do not need to deliver, do not need any cost, personal shops can also be used here.

In fact, after all, the paper review is a poor information project, every year, right

Some college graduates will use this, spend money to do a good job in the thesis, in order to graduate smoothly, so the thesis inspection in the upcoming college students there is still very important.

How should we do such a seasonal and off-track money-making project? We should first obtain a check platform

Only after authorization can we do the corresponding check service online. The check platform can be an agent, and the cost is about 10,000 dollars.

In fact, our main task is still on the flow, about the flow should be how to do, just like now there are a lot of people on the Internet to sell knowledge paid platform, just

It tells us how to build such a platform, it doesn’t really let us learn how to drain.

So in the paper check this project, check the platform authorized agent this is not difficult, money can do, but after the agent to come over such a service, we bubble network should earn how to do traffic

Is the key to the whole project, there are a lot of people in need, but we also need to divert to further transformation.

Most of them are channeled to wechat through platforms, forums or groups. Then I will talk to you about a channel for paper review. As long as these channels are opened up, money will be made

That’s easy.

Let’s start with online channels, such as online stores, paid promotion of search engines, information flow delivery, here the information flow delivery refers to


We media platforms such as Quora, Kuaishou, B Station, and of course some public account platforms can provide us with a lot of traffic.

Of course there’s a big one here

Points are the need to pay to put, after all, at the moment, the conversion rate of the payment platform will be very high, of course, we positioned the audience group is very clear, is college students or about to graduate.

Then there is the operation of offline channels. Offline is also a good choice. If there are universities around us, we can push it offline

Our service, here are a few ways to refer to the offline operation.

The first is to recruit agents offline, the paper check the heavy service in the form of agents to continue to expand, and then we only take a small part of the achievement can be, so that there are agents to help us expand customers.

The second is that

And some offline enrollment enterprises cooperation, like art training, employment guidance units, and so on, these contact more college students, with the same attributes of the platform we can be divided together, just like a lot of fat reduction meals will find a fitness gym to cooperate, the same reason, take commission.

The third is to promote their own campus, big

A good place to do this is on campus or in a class or library, especially for seniors, where it’s easy to gather a group of users.

If you want to make money sustainably, you need to be honest about your potential projects, and as long as you run them well up front, they will almost always make you money.

Zero threshold profiteering projects, a single hundreds of sideline


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