Foreign version copy and paste projects, easy to earn US dollars, European dollars


There are a lot of projects to make money abroad. Today, I will tell you a rotten project in China, but it is easy to do abroad.

This project is a short website to make money, five or six years ago when I was in high school has been playing in the country.

But in foreign YouTube, I see a lot of video owners are still making money from this,

And the income is not low.


What is a short URL to make money?

The English translation is a little difficult, I directly take a few domestic short website platform to show you.

At present, there are too few platforms in China. In about 15 years, it has been very popular. In recent years, it has been gone

People are doing it.

But I have collected more than 30 websites in foreign websites and have been running websites.

Why do they do it abroad?

First, there are still a lot of people in foreign countries who use the website, while most domestic users use wechat and short videos, and less and less people use the website.

Second, the number of foreign users

It is much larger than at home, and the supervision abroad is not as strict as at home.

The platform in the picture above is domestic, I will find some foreign ones for you.

This platform can get up to 220 dollars per 10,000 hops. The previous one I did in China only paid dozens of dollars per 10,000 hops.

Plus the exchange rate differential, 10,000 visits

I get more than a grand



The site is getting €8.50 per thousand redirects


This station is 13 cents per thousand jumps




How to make money with short urls?

1. The biggest regional hurdle to overcome is that you have to be able to access foreign websites. I can’t teach you here.

2. Find the platform and register

Account, and bind credit card or PayPal account to receive payment.

3. Select a link and generate a short address

The first two are easy, but the third one gets a little more difficult.

The quality of the connection you choose will determine how fast your connection will spread virally later on.

In this case, select the content about the game on YouTube.

First of all, choose

Choose Minecraft, LOL, Fortnite, etc., select videos that have been played more than 1 million times in the last two weeks, copy them, connect them, and create a short address on the short address network.

Why do we do this?

Choose links that are easy to promote. We are not proficient in English, so we can’t choose a link like “Javier

Because I don’t even know how to spell Javier’s name.

And you don’t know where to promote the hot events.

But the GAME category is different, every game has a forum, there are many PC GAME forums abroad, these forums are our promotion and connection

The place.

Create an account in the inside, the youtube article title directly copied over, to the forum, traffic will be slow to rise.


The video itself is a huge hit on YouTube, which means the quality of the content itself is very high, the title is very good, and after millions of views,

Which means it’s a little hot right now.

And the forum with the pipeline is a time difference, the pipeline above, the forum does not necessarily have, directly carried in the past, the effect is not bad to where to go.

Step 4 Promote

Forums like Minecraft have hundreds of thousands of daily active users

In addition to Minecraft

There’s PUBG, League of Legends, DNF, Fortnite, and more.

Register a good account to send some discussion post inside, link jump volume will be very high.

I saw a blogger on YouTube who was making $100 or $200 a day from this program.

It’s easier to make money on foreign platforms than at home, as long as you can overcome the language

And the wall. There’s a lot of work to be done.

Foreign version copy and paste projects, easy to earn US dollars, European dollars


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