Suitable for lazy operation of Amazon customer website, easy to help you create pipeline income!


There’s a popular word on the Internet: pipeline revenue.

I often see in videos on YouTube or online income forums that people use the word “pipeline income” to stimulate people’s psychology and make them willing to pay. The idea is to teach you a way to create a pipe income that you can earn every day while lying at home.


I don’t know, my biggest dream is to wake up naturally when I sleep every day. It is best to wake up every day in bed to see how much money I make today, so I also have some opinions about the pipe income.

But many people build their income pipelines in the wrong direction.

We build pipes

The purpose of entering, of course, is to lie and make money.

A lot of people will think that if you try hard to find customers now, they will try hard to find you later. But it is wrong, because this way to do a deal, a lifetime can only find their own customers.

A lot of people will think that what we’re doing now is hard, and maybe it’ll be easier later. But often times

It’s also wrong, because in many industries, it’s hard to get into, and it’s even harder to get into.

I think the way to build pipeline revenue is to find a business where customers come to you and make money as they get older, rather than finding customers for a lifetime and getting harder and harder.

So, today I’m going to talk about automatic earning

Money related project, is also a very suitable for lazy people to do the project: website Amazon.

What is the website Amazon customer?

Amazon customers we should have heard, is to help a certain e-commerce platform to sell goods, and then you only need to be responsible for attracting customers, after-sales delivery and other problems, are solved by the merchant, you through the transaction amount, get

Certain commission, this is always the CPS model of e-commerce: Amazon customers.

Then what is the website Amazon customer?

There are many, many ways to promote Amazon customers. Before, someone in Google knew to promote Amazon customers above, using the activities of Double Eleven, listed an activity table, double eleven day net profit of 30W.

Some people can use qq

Group or wechat group to do Amazon customers, this is called wechat group or qq group Amazon customers. Some people will also use the APP to promote Amazon customers, such as last year’s very popular pink elephant life, high commission union, etc., belong to the APP Amazon customers.

That website Amazon customer as the name suggests, is to use the website to get traffic, through the website traffic to do Amazon

Customer business Amazon customer, is the website Amazon customer.

What advantage does the website Amazon customer have?

1, do Amazon customers, we tend to find their own customers, because the more customers you have, the more people buy products, the more money you make. But now there are too many Amazon customers, so many people hate Amazon customers. And the website

Amazon customer is not the same, the website Amazon customer belongs to the user through the search engine to find you. Because the customer is looking for you, so has removed the natural psychological resistance, better deal.

2, the older the website, the more money, a website’s domain name age and the weight of quality content accumulation, the new website is generally not good to go beyond, so the website

The older you get, the more money you make.

Website Amazon customer how to do?

1. Build the station

There is a leader in the industry called what’s worth buying.

The site started with a set of wordpress programs, and then switched to their own programs.

So the construction of the station, bubble net earn I also suggest you

Use a wordpress program a blog theme or a cms theme.

In addition, I do not recommend you to use all Amazon guest programs on the market, such as Dataoke, etc.

Because such a site, 99 percent is unable to do site SEO, can not get natural traffic from search engines. this

Sample website, if you want to artificial promotion, has violated our original intention to do a Amazon customer website.

Theme, it is recommended that you use paid theme, or free open source theme, try not to use the cracked version of the theme.

Most of the themes in the cracked version have a back door, and whoever added it will return

It’s hard to say.

2. Strategy

What is worth buying this website belongs to the large Amazon customer website, such a website looks very beautiful beautiful things, the function is very strange.

But in fact, this large Amazon customer website is not our personal control, so I suggest that we do not do large, even do not do medium-sized Amazon customer network

Station, only do small and small Amazon customer website.

Because the number of medium and large Amazon customer website pages is large, and most of them are done with other people’s source code, the similarity is very high, and it is difficult to optimize.

So it is suggested that you can use the blog theme to do Amazon customers, for reference:


This is a website that focuses on treadmills and only writes about treadmills. It’s ranked very well.

Why do I want you to do a small micro Amazon customer website?

Because now Google will give each site points

Field, if your website focuses on a certain field, you will become an expert in a certain field, and the ranking in this field will be better and better in the future, which is in line with the original intention of our website, that is, the older the more money.

And it’s easy to fill out your small website updates, just two or three a week, one person can

Maintains a dozen such sites.

3. Selection

In terms of selection, I suggest you open Amazon classification and find out what you are familiar with.

I suggest that a website focus on one area, update three to five articles a week, within half a year, will have a good ranking.

I would suggest that in terms of field, don’t choose

Hot products, because hot products are more competitive.

Do not choose too low the unit price of the product, if the unit price is less than 100, it is likely that your website profit will be very low, affecting their confidence.

Suitable for lazy operation of Amazon customer website, easy to help you create pipeline income!


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