Foreign net earn: 10 minutes in 100 dollars, zero cost empty hand set white Wolf money project


In the past, when I talked about some online earning projects, although I thought the steps given were very detailed, many friends still felt at a loss. In fact, most of the reasons were because they had never come into contact with similar projects.

What I want to share with you today is a small project, but how small it is, I don’t know

But it is really a simple small project, and we can do empty-handed white Wolf, as long as after some simple operations can be realized.

So let’s cut to the chase and get right to the point. Today we’re going to use a shopping website to make money, with a very simple operation.

Okay, so first of all

Come to cafepress website,, on this website, we can buy very many different products, like clothes, shoes, bags are allowed, but we don’t buy anything, zero cost.

We plan to

We want to sell products on this website to make money, but first we have no products, and secondly we do not need to promote any products, how should we operate to make money? Then we see these products, do we have an idea in our heart.

These are all design products that are then printed on clothes, tea cups,

Customized hat, this is a lot of people can do, let me also tell you how to operate this project.

Now, let’s go to the bottom of the site, the black bottom and navigate here, and we’ll find Start Selling and we’ll click on it.

Once we hit “Start selling,” we just

The first step is to create a design, and then upload our design. The second step is to put the design on any product for sale. The product will always be on the website

Make a sale. Step three: Sell the product and make money.

This is a very interesting passive income system, because if you want to sell something on the website, you have to care about the amount of traffic. Here is the bubble net income. Let me look up the traffic of this website, 2.58 million traffic per month

Our product sells very well.

Let’s go back to the previous page and click Add Designs here in green. After opening it, click Create an account below on the new page to register an account.

Setting up an account here is also very simple, enter an email, create a password,

Repeat the password. When we are finished registering, we need to go to the registered email address and click the confirmation link so that we can log in to the website.

When we’re logged in, we’re going to click on the top left of the site and we’re going to create all kinds of products. There’s a lot of choice here. I’m going to take clothes as an example

So, let’s go to the T-shirt, click on the T-Shirts,

So we go to this new screen, it’s all T-shirts, just pick one let’s pick the first one, it looks pretty popular, it’s not too expensive, it should sell a lot, so let’s click on the first one,

Enter the editing world of individual T-shirts

After that, we can edit the color of the clothes and try all kinds of colors. I suggest that you do not choose messy colors, just normal and popular ones, because we are selling goods, not too unusual and personalized.

So let’s click here Add image to add the image

It is because we want to upload design pictures to differentiate clothes from other products. The Add text on the right side can add some design words, all of which are OK.

Ok, let’s go to a new website called Pngtree, https://pngtree.c

om/, I recommend this website for you to have three reasons, first, and the most important, the website above the push piece we can use freely, commercial, will not infringe, second, the website pictures are free to download, we do not need to invest a cent, third, the design of the website pictures can be called

There are so many good designs for us to choose from.

Let’s click Register in the upper right corner to register an account. I won’t show you here. It is the same registration operation as other websites.

I think the most important thing for you to care about here is what kind of images will maximize your revenue

Well, here we have to take into account the preferences of foreigners, I think pets are very popular in foreign countries, so I will take pets to explain to you.

Then we search on it and find these animals. Do you see that the background behind each picture is a grid? This is a hollow, only

Pictures of pets are perfect for printing on our clothes.

We’re going to place the mouse over the selected image, click PNG,

In the new page, we can click the green “Free download” to download this image.

Just to give you a hint, because I

Our account is free, so we can only download two pictures a day, but I think two pictures is enough, we can make two products, upload two design products every day to make money, after a long time, it is still very profitable, so that we can make full use of the free time every day, only 10 minutes, can

There’s a good yield.

Then we go back to the first website and upload the picture we have downloaded. After uploading it, the design effect will be like this, which is quite beautiful. In addition, we can add some words to describe it.

And then adjust it to your own aesthetic, and just click Publish, and nothing else

Do, the platform sold products will give our account dividends.

The project I share with you today is a snowballing project. As long as there is long-term accumulation, more design drawings and more products covered on this website, it will be very easy to make money.

Foreign net earn: 10 minutes in 100 dollars, zero cost empty hand set white Wolf money project


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