Here are 4 side projects that won’t go out of fashion in 2021.


Since the outbreak of the pandemic last year, side hustles have gained national popularity. The term “side hustles just need to be” has spawned terms related to side hustles such as after-sleep income, financial freedom and fragmented hours of value added.

I believe that in the future, the mode of “main business + sideline” will still become the choice of most people


So what are some side projects we should be doing in the New Year? Today bubble net earn I will recommend to you

Four 2021’s are still out of date

A side business.

01 Alibaba Cloud customer service

I believe that people who often read articles about business opportunities have probably heard of it. The advantages of Alibaba cloud customer service are

The large platform is guaranteed and not restricted by time and place. It is the most reliable network part-time job in my personal opinion.

So from the point of view of salary, it is guaranteed, just need you to follow on Weibo

Alibaba Cloud customer service and Alipay Ant Cloud customer service

These two numbers, then keep abreast of their dynamic sign-up i.e

Can be.

After the successful registration, you will be pulled into the nail group, and it is OK to train and study the exam according to the instructions of the instructor. It should be noted that the work after passing the exam needs to be completed by computer.

As far as I know, several hundred people are hired for these two positions on the 15th of every month.

Once hired, you can choose according to your own time

Pick your time, one shift an hour. Wages are paid by the hour,

The hourly wage ranges from 8 to 15


Or so

Last month’s salary will be paid through Alipay on the 10th of every month.

If you’re a college student, they’ll even give you an internship certificate, which is great for students with no internship experience. Some do well

There will also be some kind of reward, such as notebook, hand, throw pillow and so on.

In addition to signing up for Alibaba Cloud customer service from Weibo, the following

“Search for Jobs”

It is also launched by Ma’s father, which is equivalent to a part-time recruitment website. There are also a lot of customer service jobs on it.

This might be the best move you can make

The most customer service platform, but you need to write a resume, and then send it, the process will be a little more complicated.

The application process is also simple, Amazon search “Tao job” click in, you can see the Tao job homepage. But I want to remind you that any platform that asks you to hand over money, no matter what platform,

Remember to be careful.

In addition, also has them

Online customer service post

Follow the wechat public account

Jd customer service chief interviewer

, you can understand the conditions for registration.

I have a cursory look at their recruitment information, the recruitment department is quite a lot, as a part-time job, can earn some living expenses at the same time to learn some new East

Some specific details of things, you might as well go to study.

If all you want to do is make an extra thousand or two dollars a month, then cloud customer service as a part-time job is well worth a try.

02 Second hand goods trading platform resell Amazon products

A good side business is one with low barriers to entry, low risk, and low investment,

And the return is high. In fact, it is equivalent to a small cost of entrepreneurship, Second hand goods trading platform reselling Amazon products is exactly in line with these characteristics.

The use of “Second hand goods trading platform” this platform to make money is not reliable, business opportunities before the article has written a lot, we can go back to see, the public number reply “Second hand goods trading platform” two words and a guideline can be seen.

There are also a lot of small partners in the Second hand goods trading platform to sell goods, a day to earn dozens or even hundreds of have.

I once sold a refrigerator on Second hand goods trading platform. It cost about 300 dollars when I bought it, and it was used for more than a year, and it was idle for nearly half a year. Later, 200 dollars hung Second hand goods trading platform was easily sold.

The most important

Because of the nature of the traffic of Second hand goods trading platform, selling goods on Second hand goods trading platform will not damage your network resources, on the contrary, it may bring you traffic.

So how can we make money from Second hand goods trading platform? First of all, let’s look at how the Second hand goods trading platform make money project plays. I have summarized the following five ways:

Play a: when the inverted Lord, do physical handling

Easy (core gameplay)

Play two: free to play, with freight to earn the difference (not good to do)

Play 3: Trading virtual Goods (High risk and easy to block)

Play four: Do drainage (high risk easy to seal)

Play five: blessing bag play, to put it bluntly, is 1


Raffle (high risk will result in complaints)

The best thing to do for a long time

The first one, bubble online earning I mainly introduce this game.

We can use

Poor information across platforms

It is very simple to do scalping business on Xianyu. The main process is to search for good goods on Tmall, Amazon and other places, upload them to Xianyu shops, and then sell them at a higher price to earn the difference between them.


After the customer orders, you go to Amazon to pick a suitable order to send to others in the past on the line, is a kind of non-supply mode.

I’ll give you an example to show you how to do it.

Let’s say we pick a pair of shoes on Amazon and the price is 50


And we sell at Xianyu for 70


, this

So we can make 20 bucks. Do not need our own money to buy, directly after the Second hand goods trading platform deal on Amazon to take goods, let the store delivery can be.

This is not a highly profitable project, but the good news is that a single order even worse than ten or twenty


The income, later multiple accounts copied, a month’s income is also

Considerable, some people rely on this method to do tens of thousands of monthly.

As for the bubble net to earn why I recommend you to choose from Amazon there are two reasons, the first is because Amazon commodity variety is complete, more choices, it is easier to choose the explosive goods; Second, Amazon compared to 1688, its service system is more complete

Good, it is more convenient for us to operate.

And how to choose the product, how to get it on the shelf, the easiest or

Find a Peer

. The peer pictures, introductions, copywriting those directly copied over, the title changed on the line, these generally need you to get their own methodology in practice.

03 Library document generation download


What industry any group of people need to find information, college students to find examination information; Professionals to find the job information; Even Bao’s mother has a demand for early education courses.

Generally speaking, all documents involving professional valuable need to be downloaded in various document download platforms, such as Google Wenku, Douding, Daoke

Baba and so on.

However, these platforms all require download coupons or VIP subscription to download, and the price of VIP subscription or separate purchase often makes many people hesitate, so

Download documents on behalf of

The business was born.

This industry is very hot, Amazon has a shop on the next generation, even by this can become

For the crown. This shows how big the market is.

As shown in the picture, this is the bubble net to make money I randomly search on Amazon on the document to download goods, everyone look at the next month’s sales, there are not a few people have this demand.

We can see that the largest store has 2,447 transactions a month, let’s calculate the profit

Run, according to a single minimum 1 dollars to calculate,

That’s at least 2,447 a month


. But there are more than that. Amazon shows the number of people paying, not the number of transactions, and many people download more than one article.

So in the case of strong execution, not to mention ten orders a day, a hundred orders a day is not difficult. This term right here

That’s the beauty of purpose

There is no technical threshold, simple and easy to implement

We can take the goods after we have the order.

All you need for this project is a software that automatically parses the downloaded files. Here are two free software programs that are recommended:

Great Holy Library download and freezing point download.

More exemptions

Cost, you can also look for it on Google.

With the free replacement software, then we can operate the project.

There are several ways to liquidate:

1. Amazon store takes orders. Learn others Amazon shop, help people under the generation of documents, charge 1-5


Expense of toil. A few orders a day is also earned, zero cost

Can automatically deliver, easy to achieve lying earn.

2. Sell software directly. You can sell it for 30


Around, but there will be no repeat customers, after all, the method is sold to others.

3, Second hand goods trading platform shipment. The advantage is you don’t need a deposit, you just put it on the shelf.

4. Offline cooperation. You might want to try something near the school

Cooperate with the print shop, negotiate with the print shop owner first, and then transfer this business to the print shop. If there are customers to print relevant materials, we can promote the business of this generation of documents.

Later have a certain customer base, in addition to the generation of documents, other businesses can be connected, such as downloading novels, comics

Painting, etc. Let’s stretch it out a little bit. The pie behind this is going to be pretty big, depending on whether we can see the business opportunity.

Selling fashion cards

Today, there are still a large number of people who believe that people who buy fashion brands are stupid and rich, but reselling fashion products is definitely a highly profitable industry worth paying attention to.


You can net $2,000 on a pair of shoes and a piece of clothing if you have a fashion label that someone wants


No exaggeration.

There is a junior student around me who regularly buys fashionable brands every month and then sells them on Dewu (a new generation of fashion online shopping software) to make a profit.

For example, this is the Nike Ai he snapped up

r Max97/1 running shoes, price is 1300


The market price is 3,999-5,999


(depending on the code number).

He made $2,000 in 15 minutes from the time he grabbed the shoes to the time he sold them



For example, this Supreme conductor’s equivalent satchel costs around 558


The market price is 1



500 in and out


The above profit.

Or take this humdrum Supreme lighter, which sells for about 280


The market price is 999 — 1200


For every lighter sold, you net at least 600



A friend of the current brother

There are 4000 people in the circle, with more than 30 sales groups, mainly selling sneakers, sportswear, fashion brand these young people like things, but also do a good job.

(Tip-off group of little master and younger brother)

I think he started with 3,000


The capital, by reselling brand shoes to earn some money, began to integrate the circle

Resources, others in the group to put goods, he will put the content in the circle of friends.

The median markup is as little as 20 or 30 to as much as 300 or 500

(Yes, it is such a huge profit), just repeat other people’s things to make a first hand profit, a delivery of other people’s goods, he is very comfortable.

At least in college, I never saw him look for his father

Mother to the cost of living, put a long vacation, I often see him in the circle of friends to travel around.

Generally speaking, although the sideline of reselling fashion products does cost a lot compared with other small goods, the advantage is that it is a highly profitable project. Almost all the big brand fashion products have a profit of 300 per unit



Such as

If we can spot the value of the fashion, find the right way, we can really make money.

The 05 is at the end

Many people are not satisfied with only a single job, only a single source of income, people want to do a side business in their spare time, to earn some extra money, this is not only a young people’s idea.

But when it comes to choosing

Wait for you to see the direction, to find their own side business, so that you can earn more money, less detours.

What I have shared this time are all projects with low investment or zero cost. If you do it, even if you don’t make money, you can learn a lot of experience and skills, and lay a foundation for doing other projects across the boundary at any time


Jack Ma’s father once said: “If I Jack Ma can start a successful business, then I believe that 80% of young people in China can start a successful business.” Whatever he is now, I agree with him on encouraging young people to start businesses.

Hope, you can start from the side of the small business, as soon as possible to earn the first bucket of gold.

All right, let’s do it today

Enjoy so much.

Here are 4 side projects that won’t go out of fashion in 2021.

Here are 4 side projects that won’t go out of fashion in 2021.


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