A part-time job that you can do in your spare time, which is easy and fun to use, can make you an extra 3000 per month


On the Internet, as long as good at discovery

You can find a credible part-time job

Maybe some people don’t like it, will say simple play mobile phone online,

With thousands or even tens of thousands of ads a month,

Why work so hard?

I can only ha ha ha…

Unfortunately, there is no such program.

Even if it did, it would

You don’t do anything and you think

Thousands of people a day!

Here I will take you to focus on the part-time jobs you can do in your spare time, easy and interesting operation, let you earn 3000 per month!

The mystery investigator

It’s kind of like being a spy and getting paid to eat and drink at the same time. Of course there are good projects like this

I have to share it with you.

The process of work is roughly as follows: treat yourself as an ordinary customer, experience a store as usual, submit the corresponding secret visit report according to your on-site experience, so as to help them improve the overall service quality, and feedback this feeling to the employer will get paid.

To put it bluntly, it’s in the restaurant

Workers unknowingly eat, as ordinary customers into the store inspection, may use mobile phone recording, dark camera and so on.

In the beginning, KFC, Rogers, Nokia, Philips and other multinational companies improved the service quality in this way.

Take KFC as an example, the headquarters of KFC in order to understand the branch administration

Each month, a person will be sent to the store as a real customer to experience whether the service is in place.

The customer would take photos and record recordings from the moment he entered the store, completing tasks as required by the headquarters. Because there is no way to identify or confirm the customer for inspection or evaluation

Identity, so the survey method, can truly and accurately reflect the objective existence of the actual problems.

As a form of business investigation, this kind of task is generally widely used in government administrative Windows, chain hotels, automobile 4S stores, gas stations, communication business halls, bank outlets, specialty stores, chain restaurants, etc

A series of industries that focus more on window service.

The average salary ranges from 150 to 1000


Not equal, depends on the degree of simplicity of the examination content. The most important thing is that the catering industry will also reimburse the cost of dishes. It is really not too happy to make money while having a meal with a few friends on the weekend.

And most importantly

This side job does not value age or education. If you want to do it, you can only choose the industry you are interested in. Almost everyone can do it by filling out reports rather than fishing in troubled waters.

General recruitment channels: major recruitment websites, local part-time groups, research agencies, government websites, interested friends can pay attention.

CPA Promotion

CPA stands for charge per download. If an APP wants to be promoted and downloaded, it needs to do CPA promotion.

CBA promotion can be search, registration, activation, card binding, real-name authentication, etc. APP promotion is also one of them.

We are in the APP market every day

You get paid to load a software platform. Generally, an APP promotion will be outsourced to many platforms, and then individuals or webmasters to take orders, the highest commission reward, and even dozens of hundreds of downloads.

Although the CPA commission is not as high as before, it is generally around 10


Bubble net to earn around also good, very tolerant

Easy to develop into a sideline, as long as you will develop the following agent, to help push the team together, even if you can’t make a lot of money, 3000 a month is still very easy to do.

Here to remind you not to pay the franchise fee, after all, now the APP promotion so much, casually catch is a lot, there is free for

What should I pay for? Is that true?

So what are some reliable apps to promote?

1, well-known large companies, such as Amazon, Alipay, Jingdong, Pinduoduo, this kind of platform recommendation, you can try, large platform is more safe and reliable.

2. Companies with strong background, such as Ping An Group

We have launched a lot of apps, including payment apps. With the endorsement of Ping An Group, there is no problem in trust and we are not afraid to run away.

3, financial registration pull new and net loan platform quota task, here can focus on pushing, cash back limit is relatively large.

I have a friend who specializes in credit card registration

A user can take 500


The commission rate is quite satisfactory.

4, the game registration pull new, generally is the registration commission recharge sharing mode, large profit space, user base is also large, relatively easy to push.


These two kinds of side jobs above can be used in free time

Between the operation, once again give you a piece of advice: don’t think about what move fingers into thousands of months, such a beautiful thing, really have, people are in the side to steal the joy, who have time to teach you? You think everyone is “Lei Feng”? Wake up…

That’s all for this article, my recommendation is to make sure

We will improve our understanding of the Internet industry and find out some valuable information for Internet entrepreneurs. If you have a better idea of Internet entrepreneurship, please leave a comment in the comment section to share with us.

A part-time job that you can do in your spare time, which is easy and fun to use, can make you an extra 3000  per month


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